Efflorescent Habberge Egg

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Efflorescent Habberge Egg
Motto: Smells totally wonderful inside.
Release date: 19 March 2016
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 324
Quantity sold: 324
Release price: 250 Credits
Owners tracked: 129/324 (40%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Verdant Habberge Egg
Next Release:
Dragon Habberge Egg

The Efflorescent Habberge Egg was released on the 19th March 2016 as a Limited Edition Rare. There were 324 units available at 250 Credits each, and they all sold out within a few hours of it entering the Catalogue.

The item was the second Habberge egg out of four to be released during the Easter 2016 campaign, and it was the cheapest in the set to buy. The overall appearance, as well as the price tag of the product, made players instantly want to buy it as it was appealing and affordable.

There was a random number of these available, and they all sold out, likewise with the rest of the Habberge egg set for 2016. In 2015, Habbo released a similar set with five different designs available, and with the positive response, they drew up another set for 2016.

Alternatively, the Limited Edition Rare was also known as the 'Lotus Habberge Egg LTD, ' and the badge is named the same. Although there were 324 of these available, there are only 136 badges on Habbo.com (International), therefore on average, each buyer bought 2 or more of the Efflorescent Habberge Egg.


Each user who purchased the item received a badge.

According to HabboWidgets, 145 different users have the badge

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 mrdilfy 16-Mar-2019 Active
2 funkyjen 13-May-2017 Active
5 Franco 03-Oct-2023 Active
8 30up 13-May-2017 Active
10 Vyndictus 19-May-2017 Active
14 websit 18-Jan-2022 NFS
15 Shonly 14-Jan-2018 Active
16 :-uSafety 16-Oct-2023 For Sale
18 mrdilfy 16-Mar-2019 Active
19 NEKOmonoKATari 23-Oct-2020 Active
22 Miss.Sparklez 16-Aug-2020 NFS
24 .Missie. 18-Jan-2022 Active
25 daddis 03-Oct-2023 Active
32 :Whylime 03-Nov-2017 Active
33 BenjoPunches 08-Jul-2020 Active
35 Respect 28-May-2019 Active
38 Rubber 16-Mar-2019 Active
39 CoolZizzo 30-Jun-2018 Active
41 ..Cait. 19-Jan-2020 Active
42 Copros 13-May-2017 Active
45 Coolstarface 23-Nov-2020 Active
47 SymmetricaI 28-Oct-2020 NFS
48 8thday 14-Sep-2020 NFS
51 Cobra 19-Jan-2023 Active
54 trish89 16-Jul-2021 Active
55 MARUHA1 16-Jul-2020 Active
60 ,Unfaithful 13-May-2017 Active
61 x--Rosiie 08-Oct-2018 Active
63 SugarNspicey 12-Nov-2018 Active
64 FireShowing 21-Dec-2022 For Sale
65 CattyKitty3 08-Sep-2021 Active
67 ashleystevenson 12-Oct-2018 Active
69 -Vegan 16-Jan-2018 Active
72 farhanzz. 21-Nov-2021 Active
73 Con-Science 04-Dec-2022 Active
74 d-two 29-Oct-2018 Active
77 skullarmy 10-May-2021 Active
78 kiiisu 12-Oct-2017 Active
80 Grxmes 16-Mar-2019 Active
83 LaughLonely 05-Apr-2019 Active
84 CementBlock 18-Jan-2022 For Sale
86 _REDRUM_ 03-Nov-2018 Active
87 90Days 21-Nov-2018 Active
88 cudiboy01 08-Nov-2018 Active
89 Sienna-Star 17-May-2020 Active
92 DisposableTears 01-Apr-2021 Active
97 itsPurple27 09-Sep-2020 Active
98 NAZTYJA0 02-Oct-2018 Active
99 Shonly 14-Jan-2018 Active
101 bubblehaylin246 16-Mar-2019 Active
102 JoepMadman 30-Sep-2021 Active
107 Sky_Kirito 22-Sep-2017 Active
111 Huske-Safe 02-Oct-2018 Active
112 Defaulter- 18-Apr-2020 Active
114 WhiteSheep 10-Jul-2018 Active
115 Ebbw 16-Mar-2019 Active
116 dreampeace 13-May-2017 Active
123 Cind3r 21-Sep-2017 Active
124 --..Amor..-- 17-Jan-2023 Active
129 kylemittelman 26-Apr-2021 Banned
135 goblingen77 30-Jun-2018 Active
137 prepinkyice 15-June-2021 Active
138 Rubber 23-Sep-2020 Active
140 ,Unfaithful 13-May-2017 Active
143 motorbbjoe 13-May-2017 Active
144 Heaven 14-Jan-2023 Active
147 CookieCrumbl3z 16-Mar-2019 Active
151 ThcIsBack 13-May-2017 Active
152 Totallybloo 16-Oct-2019 Active
154 AlexPlaya1 16-Aug-2021 Active
155 chidiva 19-May-2017 Active
159 masterwadman 21-Apr-2021 Active
160 MARUHA1 16-Jul-2020 Active
165 _lj 27-Apr-2018 Active
166 !Lyn 30-Jun-2018 Active
167 DRILLZ 07-Oct-2023 Active
170 DancingMilk. 23-Jan-2018 Active
172 DemiGodJordan 23-June-2018 Active
177 Con-Science 04-Dec-2022 Active
178 JasminKalowski 15-Mar-2018 Active
181 :-uSafety 03-Oct-2023 Active
182 Lambo! 30-Apr-2020 Active
184 Copros 13-May-2017 Active
185 Failte 04-Jul-2020 Active
186 DanN191 31-Dec-2019 Active
192 .-=Bubbles=-. 02-Oct-2018 Active
193 Vapeit 20-Nov-2018 Active
194 Lorenishere 29-May-2020 Active
196 .-=Bubbles=-. 02-Oct-2018 Active
198 joeeey- 07-Jan-2020 Active
199 Sazzy168 21-Sep-2018 Active
202 Copros 13-May-2017 Active
205 OoOAHMEDOoO 17-Oct-2018 Active
207 seanxxx 13-Oct-2023 Active
206 Exumio 06-Jan-2019 Active
209 [1] 18-Apr-2020 [1]
211 lolli101 4-Feb-2019 Active
212 Riqque 13-May-2017 Active
214 Find 26-Apr-2021 Active
225 Novenger 13-May-2017 Active
227 Bumpah 17-Sep-2018 Active
231 Hypzshowluo 18-Sep-2018 Active
232 Scottyy?! 13-May-2017 Active
235 AlexPlaya1 26-Feb-2021 Active
241 CurrencyQueen 07-Mar-2018 Active
246 Worthiest 16-Mar-2019 Active
253 CoolZizzo 30-Jun-2018 Active
256 Watch4Me 02-Oct-2018 Active
258 d-two 16-Mar-2019 Active
260 IIKilljoyII 14-Jul-2019 Active
265 FoxyRoxanne1 02-Oct-2018 Active
270 xoxodee 01-Aug-2021 Active
272 CuteLittleMissD 24-Nov-2017 Active
278 sianne 02-Oct-2018 Active
280 CuteLittleMissD 24-Nov-2017 Active
282 danny9866 28-Jan-2019 Active
284 mickeslayer 13-May-2017 Active
293 Lithologic 31-Jan-2022 Active
294 chelsey393 23-Sep-2020 Active
295 Con-Science 04-Dec-2022 Active
296 xxdaisymay123xx 07-Feb-2019 Active
301 ohpollypam 18-Apr-2021 Active
302 --..Amor..-- 17-Jan-2023 Active
307 dreampeace 13-May-2017 Active
312 Novenger 13-May-2017 Active
316 FcChelsea 13-May-2017 Active
319 MicroClear 18-Jun-2019 Active
323 uncuff 16-Jul-2020 Active
324 spyjasonsafety 13-May-2017 Active
Total 129/324
  1. a b One owner has requested to stay anonymous (see here for more information)