Easter Dino Egg

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Easter Dino Egg
Motto: It is Easter after all!
Release date: 31 March 2013
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 360
Quantity sold: 360
Release price: 150 Credits
Owners tracked: 100/360 (28%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Carl Waddlesworth III easel
Next Release:
Rare Arcade Cabinet

The Easter Dino Egg was a Limited Edition Rare released via the Catalogue on the 31st March 2013. It followed on from the various Easel Limited Edition Rares that were released in February of the same year. Its release nearly marked the anniversary of the first Limited Edition Rare of the Black Leviathan which was released on the 4th April 2012.

The egg wasn't the first recolour of the popular, classic rare of the Dragon Egg and was in fact the third one to be released after the Black Dino Egg and the Pearl Dragon Egg. However, the egg did differ in both quantity and price with only 360 being available for 150 Credits each.

Unlike other recolours, the egg resembled an Easter egg placed on a nest of leaves and included various colours as opposed to the solid colour of the previous recolours. The rare also sold out in approximately 5 seconds and immediately players who weren't as fortunate to buy were attempting to buy the new Super Rare for 4 Gold Bars 50 Credits profit of the original selling price. The panic buying continued and hit a wall at 8 Gold Bars - worth 400 Credits, a profit to those who sold it for of 250 Credits. The value now is stable.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 :ashez: 30-Sep-2017 Inactive
2 Post 30-Jul-2020 Active
4 Post 30-Jul-2020 Active
6 Post 30-Jul-2020 For Sale
17 Kyle-4REALz 19-Mar-2019 Active
19 SafeFactory 29-June-2018 Active
20 Miss.Sparklez 23-May-2017 Active
28 Jd227 22-Nov-2017 Active
38 CholoTheWise 27-Jan-2018 Active
40 Meekial 01-Jul-2019 Active
42 Post 16-Oct-2021 Active
43 MARUHA1 16-Jul-2020 Active
49 KAIZHI 19-Mar-2019 Active
50 deepvalve 24-Sep-2017 Active
56 Post 05-Nov-2021 Active
66 VexifleD 1-Jul-2022 For Sale
69 Post 30-Jul-2020 Active
73 CurrencyQueen 07-Mar-2018 Active
77 goofyhjone 19-Mar-2019 Active
80 Post 16-Oct-2021 Active
82 Cind3r 21-Sep-2017 Active
84 Copros 23-May-2017 Active
85 Post 08-Nov-2020 Active
90 Post 12-Dec-2020 Active
91 alfred11 08-Jan-2018 Active
94 Antinal 02-Jul-2019 Active
95 Post 20-Sep-2020 Active
100 VongolaPG2 02-Oct-2018 Active
102 amro45 08-Jul-2020 Active
106 kely,au 01-Feb-2019 NFS
109 Post 20-Sep-2020 Active
112 Post 12-Dec-2020 Active
114 TankEngine. 17-Oct-2018 Active
115 Post 16-Oct-2021 Active
118 caniduh_storage 15-Oct-2023 For Sale
122 MoHRooms 23-May-2017 Active
123 Panthor 20-Oct-2020 Active
124 TheManWithSmoke 19-Mar-2019 Active
125 Hytran 19-Mar-2019 Active
128 Post 20-Sep-2020 Active
129 TankEngine. 17-Oct-2018 Active
130 JustCal, 01-Mar-2018 Active
145 :dandons: 05-Feb-2019 Active
147 Post 16-Oct-2021 Active
152 uberaquick 04-May-2019 Active
153 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
156 Post 16-Oct-2021 Active
159 Stack 11-Nov-2020 Active
160 =-KOOLIE-= 09-Oct-2020 Active
162 Gagamba 10-Jan-2023 Active
169 klutzdutyx 04-May-2019 Active
173 Post 12-Dec-2020 Active
174 MlKEY 21-Mar-2024 NFS
176 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
183 1 18-May-2020 Active
185 Franco 03-Oct-2023 Active
202 uberaquick 10-Jul-2020 Active
204 uberaquick 10-Jul-2020 Active
207 Post 16-Oct-2021 Active
209 uberaquick 10-Jul-2020 Active
210 uberaquick 10-Jul-2020 Active
214 Post 20-Sep-2020 Active
216 Post 20-Sep-2020 Active
220 FireShowing 04-Oct-2023 For Sale
226 TankEngine. 17-Oct-2018 Active
228 uberaquick 10-Jul-2020 Active
231 Shogunate 26-Feb-2022 Active
239 skullarmy 10-May-2021 Active
247 Post 20-Sep-2020 Active
248 uberaquick 10-Jul-2020 Active
250 DKBlackFLame 19-Mar-2019 Active
253 CurrencyQueen 22-Sep-2017 Active
257 CurrencyQueen 07-Mar-2018 Active
258 Spider12370! 06-Jun-2019 Active
260 uberaquick 10-Jul-2020 Active
262 uberaquick 10-Jul-2020 Active
263 CalcificationXD 02-Jul-2019 Active
266 Chidiva 23-May-2017 Active
274 22C 14-Apr-2021 Active
279 mattgeorge 19-Mar-2019 Active
285 Antinal 02-Jul-2019 Active
289 andricxqr 20-Sep-2020 For Sale
296 Post 20-Sep-2020 Active
298 Post 20-Sep-2020 Active
309 websit 21-Mar-2018 NFS
320 vincent85 08-Jun-2019 Active
321 Post 23-Dec-2022 Active
323 psymun 10-Oct-2017 Active
325 Copros 23-May-2017 Active
330 Polyesta 24-Sep-2021 Active
331 Post 20-Sep-2020 Active
332 amro45 08-Jul-2020 Active
335 SirCaptain-t 19-Mar-2019 Active
336 5parkling 22-Sep-2017 Active
338 amro45 08-Jul-2020 Active
340 SirCaptain-t 19-Mar-2019 Active
344 Tank-Engine. 02-Oct-2018 Active
349 Djez 04-May-2019 Active
351 Post 16-Oct-2021 Active
357 Post 12-Dec-2020 Active
Total 100/360