Burnished Habberge Egg

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Burnished Habberge Egg
Motto: An egg inside an egg.
Release date: 26 March 2016
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 108
Quantity sold: 108
Release price: 750 Credits
Owners tracked: 54/108 (50%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Dragon Habberge Egg
Next Release:

The Burnished Habberge Egg was a Limited Edition Rare released into the Catalogue on 26 March 2016, one of four new Habberge eggs released as part of their Easter campaigns. The 2016 eggs were more extravagant than the set released in 2014 - they were bigger and brighter and had several states, including animation allowing users to see inside them.

When opened, the Burnished egg had a light-blue sparkling miniature egg inside it, on a hay-looking cushion and a plush red velvet interior. There was a mixed reaction to the design, with users criticising the "cyborg" type look of it when it opened up.

It was sold for 750 credits in the catalogue - a price that was widely criticised by users - and is now worth around 300 credits (for a regular number). There were only 108 available for sale and each user purchaser got a badge.


Each user who purchased the item received a badge.

According to HabboWidgets, 64 different users have the badge

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
2 FireShowing 04-Oct-2023 For Sale
3 funkyjen 25-May-2017 Active
4 FireShowing 21-Dec-2022 For Sale
5 d-two 13-Feb-2021 Active
6 d-two 18-Jan-2019 Active
7 30up 25-May-2017 Active
8 30up 25-May-2017 Active
10 DreaminBig 11-Nov-2023 For Sale
13 Spyjthecrazy 25-May-2017 Active
14 Rubber 18-Apr-2019 Active
15 Grease 24-Sep-2021 Active
16 dopeboy72 18-May-2020 Active
19 spyjthecrazy 25-May-2017 Active
22 :Whylime 03-Nov-2017 Active
23 Swaggalicious 27-Apr-2021 Active
24 GreenClown 09-Jun-2019 Active
25 MARUHA1 16-Jul-2020 Active
26 Alphadraconian 01-Jan-2020 Active
27 ..StarDust.. 02-Jan-2018 Active
30 Deathsongg 05-Nov-2018 Active
31 CurrencyQueen 07-Mar-2018 Active
33 SymmetricaI 28-Oct-2020 NFS
36 x_PartyFavor_x 08-Jul-2020 Active
40 JasminKalowski 15-Mar-2018 Active
46 AlexPlaya1 27-Apr-2021 Active
47 lolli101 04-Feb-2019 Active
50 Lambo! 21-Jan-2019 Active
55 ricky-da-geezer 19-Sep-2017 Active
61 Bank. 01-Aug-2021 Active
63 seanxxx 13-Oct-2023 Active
64 Vontaged 19-Dec-2020 Active
66 Qabik 16-Aug-2021 Active
67 Alphadraconian 01-Jan-2020 Active
69 -Vegan 16-Jan-2018 Active
71 Hypzshowluo 18-Sep-2018 Active
72 ricky-da-geezer 18-Apr-2019 Active
75 BakedFluff 18-Apr-2019 Active
76 Rubber 18-Apr-2019 Active
77 GuidoEvolution 04-May-2021 Active
78 Cind3r 29-Jun-2018 Active
80 spyjthecrazy 13-Jan-2019 Active
81 Exumio 06-Jan-2019 Active
83 websit 18-Jan-2022 NFS
85 chidiva 22-Jan-2018 Active
88 Gagamba 10-Jan-2023 Active
90 Russy! 25-Jan-2023 Active
96 ?....? 25-May-2017 Active
97 Russy! 25-Jan-2023 Active
98 RafaaelC 08-Oct-2023 Active
99 ErJess 20-May-2020 Active
101 DKBlackFlame 12-Sep-2019 Active
103 NAZTYJA0 02-Oct-2018 Active
105 TheGrand 04-Oct-2018 Active
108 Franco 03-Oct-2023 For Sale
Total 54/108