Lennard David Cheep easel

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Lennard David Cheep easel
Motto: A head doodle
Release date: 23 February 2013
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 240
Quantity sold: 240
Release price: 250 Credits
Owners tracked: 91/240 (38%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values
Previous Release:
Victor Vangoof easel
Next Release:
Yohand Comeere easel

The Lennard David Cheep easel was a Limited Edition Rare released in February 2013, which made it the second in the series of easels. This easel carried a price tag of 250 Credits with 240 units available, leading to the easel holding a much lower value today. Following on from this easel, the Yohand Comeere easel was released later on in the same day but due to users rushing to buy the Lennard David Cheep easel, many were disappointed that they could not afford the next easel.

The easel which was released before the Lennard David Cheep easel was the Victor Vangoof easel, which was considerably more expensive with less being released, leading to the first easel having a much higher rarity value. The Lennard David Cheep easel carried the motto of A head doodle.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 :ashez: 31-Dec-2017 Active
2 MrDaze 11-Jul-2020 Active
3 B 3-Mar-2023 Active
4 Window 30-Nov-2020 Active
5 funkyjen 23-May-2017 Active
6 B 30-Oct-2020 Active
9 SUPER-LOAY 23-May-2017 Banned
14 SUPER-LOAY 23-May-2017 Banned
15 odamieo27 24-Jun-2017 Active
17 .x.J.x. 14-Nov-2020 Active
18 Nicco 25-June-2021 Active
23 uberaquick 10-Jul-2020 Active
25 jumpman11. 18-Sept-2020 Active
30 Le-Safety 15-Jul-2021 Active
33 Sphene 29-Apr-2019 Active
37 Whepster 24-Aug-2020 Active
39 jumpman11. 18-Sept-2020 Active
44 tRadEx 24-Jun-2021 Active
47 .Lua 23-Sep-2017 Active
49 DetectiveBenson 05-June-2018 Active
51 Micaceous 31-Jan-2020 Active
56 Promiscuous? 04-Jul-2020 Active
57 supercurtis 19-Sep-2017 Active
58 TheIrinaBlue 16-Mar-2019 Active
59 Tom.J 30-Dec-2020 Active
60 Adeus 29-Sep-2023 Active
61 iSmexi 31-May-2020 Active
66 tallmolly08 18-Sep-2018 Active
67 odamieo27 24-Jun-2017 Active
68 Moonn6-Safety 23-May-2017 Active
70 UN_Founder 13-Oct-2020 Active
72 Pozie 08-Sep-2019 Active
74 Unposted 08-Aug-2021 Active
78 Coolfish30 28-Jul-2018 Active
79 SUPER-LOAY 23-May-2017 Active
88 benjaminwoodiii 10-Jan-2023 Active
89 jsn 28-Feb-2018 Active
92 chrism684 13-Mar-2020 Active
107 amro45 10-Nov-2018 Active
109 Lewky 23-May-2017 Inactive
112 Jeff 08-Aug-2021 Inactive
115 .x.J.x. 14-Nov-2020 Active
125 GoonKid 23-Feb-2021 Active
127 Tropolone 16-Mar-2019 Active
129 masoudx 08-Aug-2021 Inactive
131 Unposted 21-Oct-2018 Active
133 Skor 23-May-2017 Active
137 Gallons 02-Oct-2018 Active
139 Watch4Me 26-May-2019 Active
140 Lewky 23-May-2017 Inactive
141 luddus 01-Mar-2024 Active
144 Qabik 12-Jan-2021 Active
153 Profile 22-Sep-2020 Active
156 miszgia 15-Apr-2020 Active
157 nedozzz779 31-Jan-2019 Active
158 MARUHA1 16-Jul-2020 Active
160 MARUHA123 03-Oct-2018 Active
162 ,holmes- 29-Apr-2019 Active
163 Russy! 25-Jan-2023 Active
166 lolli101 04-Feb-2019 Active
167 Zint! 22-Feb-2021 Active
169 B 22-Jan-2019 Active
170 RozyAnn 02-Jan-2018 Active
174 uberaquick 16-Mar-2019 Active
179 Shogunate 26-Feb-2022 Active
180 amro45 21-Apr-2021 Active
181 NEKOmonoKATari 23-Oct-2020 Active
184 .BL00D 16-Mar-2019 Active
189 kovsky. 27-Jun-2019 Active
193 Customise 13-May-2023 Active
197 ColdCash 08-Aug-2021 Inactive
198 SackWithSocks 05-Oct-2021 For Sale
199 vincent85 08-Jun-2019 For Sale
200 MoneyTrojan 17-Jan-2024 Active
204 Evenn. 22-Mar-2018 Active
207 Sienna-Star 13-Oct-2020 Active
210 Beringer 26-Jan-2019 Active
212 Archivist 23-May-2017 Active
213 MissAlison. 24-Sep-2017 Active
218 ExtremeSlayer 26-May-2019 Active
221 Sriq 14-May-2019 Active
222 DisposableTears 28-Mar-2021 Active
224 Ms.Oneal 16-Mar-2019 Active
225 Qabik 12-Jan-2021 Active
231 MissAlison. 24-Sep-2017 Active
232 Joan 12-Oct-2017 Active
233 Shonly 27-Sep-2020 Active
234 chidiva 25-June-2021 Active
236 B 30-Jul-2020 For Sale
237 DetectiveBenson 05-June-2018 Active
239 ChrisBendetti 07-Oct-2021 Active
Total 91/240

Real Life

The painting on the easel is based on a real life painting called: Head of a Woman by Leonardo Da Vinci. Painted in the year 1508.