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The Habbo Fansite Policy is a page of terms and conditions for all Habbo fansites, whether Official or not. It sets out the ways that Habbo content can and cannot be used, as well as conditions of use based on behaviour around the fansite - for example, using the fansite as a means to profit invalidates the right to use Habbo imagery and content.

The full Fansite Policy can be found here in the Habbo support pages.

This policy supersedes the previous policy which was known as the Fansite Way, greatly expanding on the legal details and specifics.

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(Defunct) Fansite Way

The Fansite Way, was a simple set of guidelines which was the key foundation for any fansite. All Habbo fansites had to obey the Fansite Way at all times to avoid being being shut down. Much of the meaning has been carried forward into the new Fansite Policy, but the wording has changed drastically.

The following is a copy of the old Fansite Way:

Habbo Fansites Can

  • Publish articles/news/images/videos
  • Set up links to the official Habbo Facebook and Twitter pages
  • Encourage users to play Habbo and embed the ‘Enter the Hotel’ button on your site
  • Organize competitions, events and parties in Habbo
  • Allow all Habbos to join the fansite
  • Showcase amazing rooms, interesting/funny looks, games, organisations - make rockstars!
  • Offer to help newcomers and experienced Habbo players

Note: Images that belong to Sulake are protected by copyright. This means that Habbo reserves the right to deny permission of use.

Habbo Fansites Must Not

  • Provide programs for hacking, scripting or editing Habbo
  • Promote or host retro sites
  • Spam the site on Habbo
  • Replicate any part of the Habbo service
  • Request personal information about user accounts or avatars
  • Obtain personal Habbo user details, such as passwords, addresses, phone numbers
  • Provide additional services for a fee (such as VIP)
  • Sell Furni for a fee
  • Offer to buy, sell or trade Habbo accounts for payment of money or Habbo Credits
  • Publish material that may be offensive such as racist and sexual content
  • Use slander or any other form of bullying as a means to persecute other people
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  • In 2008 Sulake demanded that all Habbo fansites terminate the process of selling VIP subscriptions on their bulletin boards or forums. Their reasoning was that it violated their rule of charging for "premium services". Sites could, however, offer "aesthetic" privileges to users who donated, such as a coloured username. The purchasing user would not be allowed to receive many benefits.
  • In 2010, before all English speaking hotels were merged into one hotel, moderators were issuing permanent bans to any users who mentioned the URLs of any Habbo fansites, particularly those which were previously unknown to the community - even if they held official status.
  • In November 2011, Sulake requested that the fansite Habbox remove their features pertaining to content on unreleased rares. Sulake did not request that or remove similar features on their websites.
  • In February 2012, Sulake temporarily removed 'Official' status all together, and deemed all fansites equal.
  • In Spring 2012, Sulake started to crack down on people saying links to fansites - most of the people caught saying (or spamming) a fansite link would most likely be subject to a ban for "commercial advertising", even if the site was Official.