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Habbocalypse Catalogue Header.png
Release date October 2015
Season Halloween
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)

The Habbocalypse range is a set of furniture which was released on October 9, 2015. All the released items are based and themed on a world going under an apocalypse. Along with its release, it was accompanied with the Crafting system, which is also a part of the 2015 Habboween campaign. The release included nineteen new furniture items, as well as seven new pieces of Habbo Couture or clothing pieces and four Limited Edition Rares.


Name Image
Habbocalypse Building Habboween Building.png
Crumbling Pillar Crumbling Pillar.png
Basement Corner Basement Corner.png
Gloomy Basement Gloomy Basement.png
Creaky Stairs Creaky Stairs.png
Windswept Road Windswept Road.png
Smashed Sidewalk Smashed Sidewalk.png
Lost Souls Portal Lost Souls Portal.png
Dark Road Cracks Dark Road Cracks.png
Habbocalypse Pylons Habbocalpyse Pylons.png
Damaged Lamp Post Damaged Lamp Post.png
Swamp of Lost Souls Swamp of Lost Souls.png
Fog of Habbocalypse Fog of the Habbocalypse.png
Skeletal Oak Skeletal Oak.png
Clouds of Habbocalypse Clouds of the Habbocalypse.png
Burning Hotel Burning Hotel.png
Floor Fire Floor Fire.png
Haunted Bus Stop Haunted Bus Stop.png
Emblem of the Habbocalypse Emblem of the Habbocalypse.png
Smelly Dumpster Smelly Dumpster.png
Harbinger of the Habbocalypse Harbinger of the Habbocalypse.png
Haunted Phone Booth Haunted Phone Booth.png
Fermenting Rubbish Fermenting Rubbish.png
Burnt Car Wreckage Burnt Car Wreckage.png
Corrupted Kitty Hween c15 demoncat.png

Habbo Couture/Clothing pieces

The Habbo Couture clothing pieces that were released alongside the Apocalypse line features 15 pieces of clothing that were themed after a battle between Light forces and a the Lost Souls cult. In line with this, the Light themed clothing pieces are mostly battle gears, as to the Lost Souls gear being cult looking robes and masks. Also, masks themed after "The Four Horsemen" and masks based on the four basic elements are also released.

Name Image
Robes of Lost Souls Robes of the Lost Souls.png
Light Guardian Battle Gear Light Guardian Battle Gear.png
Demon Hood Demon Hood.png
Cloak of the Damned Cloak of the Damned.png
Cursed Skull Pendant Cursed Skull Pendant.png
Chestplate of the Redeemed Chest Plate of the Redeemed.png
Hallowed Leg Plates Hallowed Leg Plates.png
Pestilence Horseman Mask Pestilence Horseman Mask.png
Death Horseman Mask Death Horseman Mask.png
Famine Horseman Mask Famine Horseman Mask.png
Mask of War Mask of War.png
Helmet of Air Helmet of Air.png
Helmet of Earth Helmet of Earth.png
Helmet of Fire Helmet of Fire.png
Helmet of Water Helmet of Water.png

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Badge
Horseman of Death Horsemanofdeath.gif APC24.gif
Horseman of Pestilence Horseman of Pestilence.png APC23.gif
Horseman of Famine Horseman of Famine.gif APC22.gif
Horseman of War Horseman of War.gif APC21.gif

Room Bundles


Crafting was introduced during Habboween 2015 on October 9, 2015. Every user received a pre-made room consisting of rented Mystics furniture and a Habbocalypse Crafting Altar which opened up a window where users were able to create new items by inserting a combination of furniture. This involves adding in two or more furniture to redeem a new furniture item. The crafting table will show a list of ingredients, your recipes, and where to input ingredients. Once the correct ingredients are accepted by the crafting tool, you clicked craft to reveal your prize.

Crafting Interface

Below are the recipes and prize outcomes:

Prize Image Recipe
Plain Icy Duck Plain Icy Duck.png 1 Rubber Duck + 1 Small Pure crystal
Bloody Duck Bloody Duck.png 1 Rubber Duck + 1 Small Lost Souls crystal
Skele Skele.png 1 Gory Duck + 1 Small Pure crystal
Treasure Patch Treasure Patch.png 1 Rock Seat + 1 Afro Duck + 1 Small Pure crystal
Guillotine Guillotine.png 4 Cabin Firewood + 2 Cabin Stone and Wood Tiles + 1 Blood Drips + 1 Large Lost Souls crystal
The Lost Skull The Lost Skull.png 2 Skeleduck + 1 Small Pure crystal
Blood Drips Blood drips.png 2 Bloody Duck + 1 Small Pure crystal
Habbo Boy Hween14 doll4.png 3 Skele + 1 Rubber Duck + 1 Medium Pure crystal
Skull Candle Holder Skull Candle.gif 1 White Candle + 1 The Lost Skull
Mariachi Skeleton Mariachi Skeleton.png 3 Skele + 1 The Lost Skull + 1 Medium Pure crystal + 1 Guitar
Wavy Shoulder Length hair Wavy Shoulder Length hair.png 2 Anti-Dither Shampoo + Spiked Skull + 1 Medium Pure crystal
Red Wooden Cabin Chair Red Wooden Cabin Chair.png 1 Rock Seat + 1 Afro Duck + 1 Small Pure crystal
Dressed to the Nines Doll Dressed to the nines.png 3 Skele + 1 Afro Duck + 1 Medium Pure crystal
Gothic Chandelier Haunted Chandelier.gif 6 The Lost Skull + 2 White Candle + 1 Medium Lost Souls crystal + 1 Haunted Chandelier
Fluorescent Penguin Penqu anim glow.gif 1 Medium Lost Souls crystal + 1 Manhole + 1 Emperor Penguin
Medium Lost Souls crystal Medium Lost Souls crystal.png Medium Lost Souls crystal 3 Small Lost Souls crystal
Medium Pure crystal Medium Pure crystal.png Medium Pure crystal 3 Small Pure crystal
Bloody Sink Bloody Sink.png 1 Sink + 1 Blood Drips + 1 Small Lost Souls crystal
Bloody Bathtub Bloody Bathtub.png 1 Bubble Bath + 2 Blood Drips + 1 Small Lost Souls crystal
Habbo Girl Hween14 doll7.png 1 Valentine's Duck + 3 Skele + 1 Medium Pure crystal
Helmet of Fire Helmet of Fire.png 4 Large Pure crystal
Helmet of Air Helmet of Air.png 4 Large Pure crystal + 4 Medium Pure crystal
Helmet of Earth Helmet of Earth.png 4 Medium Pure crystal + 4 Small Pure crystal
Helmet of Water Helmet of Water.png 8 Medium Pure crystal
Pumpkin King Costume Pumpkin king.png 1 Medium Pure crystal + 1 Habboween Pumpkin OR 1 Medium Lost Souls crystal + 1 Habboween Pumpkin
Mask of War Mask of War.png 4 Large Lost Souls crystal + 4 Medium Lost Souls crystal
Goat Mask Goat mask.png 1 Large Lost Souls crystal + 1 Lamancha Goat
Death Horseman Mask Death horseman mask.png 8 Large Lost Souls crystal
Pestilence Horseman Mask Pestilence horseman mask.png 4 Medium Lost Souls crystal + 4 Small Lost Souls crystal
Famine Horseman Mask Famine horseman mask.png 8 Medium Lost Souls crystal

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