Summer 2007

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Release date 2007
Season Summer

One of the most needed Furni ranges on Habbo appeared in 2007, the range included the loved BBQ's, Deck Chairs and Paddling Pools. Summer is an always expanded range due to new furniture being added to it almost every year! Although the furniture in this range isn't used much when out of season it does come in handy for games such as Pool Attack. Other ranges suited to the summer period include Big Wave Furni!

This range is mostly recoloured but is still wanted and almost every furni in the range is worth at least 2 credits!


Name Image Motto
Red Paddling Pool Red Paddling Pool.gif Cool off.
Green Paddling Pool Green Paddling Pool.gif Cool off.
Blue Paddling Pool Blue Paddling Pool.gif Cool off.
Yellow Paddling Pool Yellow Paddling Pool.gif Cool off.
Red BBQ Red BBQ.gif Ya ya grillz.
Green BBQ Green BBQ.gif Ya ya grillz.
Blue BBQ Blue BBQ.gif Ya ya grillz.
Yellow BBQ Yellow BBQ.gif Ya ya grillz.
Aquamarine Deck Chair Aquamarine Deck Chair.gif Soak up the sunshine.
Blue Deck Chair Blue Deck Chair.gif Soak up the sunshine.
Black Deck Chair Black Deck Chair.gif Soak up the sunshine.
White Deck Chair White Deck Chair.gif Soak up the sunshine.
Green Deck Chair Green Deck Chair.gif Soak up the sunshine.
Red Deck Chair Red Deck Chair.gif Soak up the sunshine.
Yellow Deck Chair Yellow Deck Chair.gif Soak up the sunshine.
Beige Deck Chair Beige Deck Chair.gif Soak up the sunshine.
Pink Deck Chair Pink Deck Chair.gif Soak up the sunshine.


  • The Yellow BBQ (Golden BBQ in has been given out as competition price in in 2008 with the event Habbo's a la Playa and is an official Super Rare in habbo Netherlands.

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