March 2021

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March 2021
Release date: March 2021
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
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Valentines 2021
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Habbo Fashion Month

March 2021 is the campaign that ran throughout March 2021[1] . Although there was no new furniture line released, four new rares, a new line of collectible items and a new Limited Edition Rare were released.

8 new fruit-themed collectible furniture items were released, the purchase of each of these items also came with a badge. Players who collected all 8 items received an exclusive badge, along with a bonus clothing item.

Nine old furniture bundles were re-released, four of which included new items, exclusive to the March 2021 release.



A range of eight collectible fruit themed furniture items were released into the catalogue; each for a 48 hour period only. Players would earn a badge for each collectible purchased. If all items in the range were collected, players would receive an exclusive extra badge and an exclusive clothing item; the Lemon Slice Bag.

Name Image Release Date Badge
Organic Banana Chair BananaChair.png 2 March FRT16.png
Organic Citrus Sofa CitrusSofa.png 4 March FRT21.png
Organic Avocado Wardrobe AvocadoWardrobe.png 9 March FRT15.png
Organic Cherry Lamp Cherrylamp.png 11 March FRT14.png
Organic Pea Pod Bed PeaPodBed.png 16 March FRT20.png
Organic Kiwi Clock KiwiClock.png 18 March FRT17.png
Organic Watermelon Table WatermelonTable.png 23 March FRT18.png
Organic Strawberry Mat StrawberryMat.png 25 March FRT19.png
Players who collected all 8 items received the following exclusive items
Lemon Slice Bag Bonus lemon slice bag.png 27 March FRT22.png

According to Habbowidgets, 345 players have the Organic Mega Fruit Collector badge that was awarded to everyone who collected all eight items.


Four new rares were released during this campaign, two of which were wearable items.

Name Image Badge
Meow Backpack MeowBackpack.png FRT10.png
Face Framing Hair FaceFramingBangs.png FRT11.png
Aussie Shepherd AussieShepherd.gif FRT12.png
Spring Blossom Tree SpringBlossomTree.png FRT13.png

Limited Edition Rare

One Limited Edition Rare was released this month. The Rainbow Powered Fan was released for the price of 250 Credits, of which there were 540 units sold.

Name Image Badge
Rainbow Powered Fan LTD Rainbow ltd21 fan.png FRT26.png

Brown Dragon Lamp

During this campaign, Habbo announced that any existing players who logged into their account between 1 January and 31 March would receive a free Brown Dragon Lamp.

Name Image Badge
Brown Dragon Lamp Brown Dragon Lamp.png TYOU2.png

Room Bundles

The following room bundles were re-released during this campaign.

During the release of these bundles, the following exclusive items were included.

Name Image Bundle
Bulk Toilet Roll Market c21 toiletroll.png Supermarket Bundle
Charms Stall Charms Stall.png Boho Street Market Bundle
Wood Stove Wood Oven.png Farmer's Kitchen Bundle
Wagashi Stall WagashiStall.png Food Market Bundle


Gift Calendar

Between March 5th and 28th, the Gift Calendar appeared again in-client on the mobile app and downloadable Flash Client. Players could log in each day and claim one gift, which included Habbo Club, Builders Club, Duckets, Credits and Furniture.

Habbo's European Tour

Toward the beginning of the month, Habbo launched a new badge event called Habbo's European Tour. Three badges could be obtained from this event, from three different rooms.

The first room was themed around Holland; to obtain the badge players had to explore the flower patches until they had achieved the badge for that room, before reaching the teleport to progress onto the next room.

The second room was themed around the Brandenburg gate in Berlin; to achieve the badge for this section of the event, players had to win a game of Ludo.

The third and final room was themed around London; for this badge players had to correctly answer a series of UK-based trivia questions.

Badge Name
FRT23.png Habbo's European Tour - First stop, Holland!
J2116.png Habbo's European Tour - Won a gold medal in Berlin!
FRT24.png Habbo's European Tour - Visited London's Big Ben

Women's Day 13 Furnis Competition

In order to celebrate International Women's Day, Habbo launched a new design competition; the Women's Day 13 Furnis Competition[2]. For this competition, players were asked to design an ideal retreat space using only 13 items of furniture, three items were listed as essential pieces that were required to be included in the design.

Name Image
Comfy Ottoman Comfyottoman.png
Cat Rug Catrug.png
Rockabilly Guitar Case Rockabilly Guitar Case.png

The top five entries received 31 days of Builders Club, 14 days of Habbo Club and an exclusive badge. The ten runners up were awarded 14 days of Builders Club, 7 days of Habbo Club and an exclusive badge. All players who entered the competition received a Citrine Capybara.

Name Image
Citrine Capybara Citrine Capybara.png

The top five entries of this competition were Hypzshowluo, FiFi_Turquoise, denise019, .ShyRa. and Oivind[3].

The 10 runners up were as follows;

  • Hx.Ben
  • Nini222
  • asia-g
  • Ell-en
  • Sameloo
  • xsoosax
  • dvd
  • Philid
  • jayashree54
  • MissBiancax
Badge Name
FRT25.png Happy International Women's Day 2021!