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Release date Unknown
Season N/A
Available from: MarketPlace

Plasto (Plastic) is a line of furni in Habbo Hotel with 6 base object. Plasto is usually considered the defining line of furniture for the hotel.

Plasto was removed on May 12th 2012, all with a huge promotion to recycle your plastos. Then, special rainbow, pink, black, and translucent plasto items were released prior to its removal to celebrate the furniture line. There were also other colours that weren't fully released such as the lilac and light electric blue. The army coloured version's Plasto Chair was released and was named Army Plasto Chair


Name Colours Available Image
Chair Army, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Fuchsia, Brown, Gold, White, Transparent Chair white.gif
Plastic Pod Chair Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Fuchsia, Brown, Gold, White, Transparent Pod white.gif
Occasional Table Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Fuchsia, Brown, Gold, White, Transparent Rectangle white.gif
Square Dining Table Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Fuchsia, Brown, Gold, White, Transparent Square white.gif
Round Dining Table Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Fuchsia, Brown, Gold, White, Transparent Round white.gif
Occasional Table Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, Fuchsia, Brown, Gold, White, Transparent Small white.gif

Brown Plasto Competition

In January 2012 Habbo released 'A Burns Day Competition'. The staff made it appear to be about Brown Plasto and to celebrate, players had to write a poem about the Brown Plasto Chair available.

Players had two days to enter the competitions and the winners would receive 30 Credits worth of Brown Plasto.


Name Entry
Moira The brown plasto chair,

It's not shiny or bright, But one can't deny, That it feels just right.

With a hard backrest, This poo coloured seat, Is simply perfect, To staff off your feet.

It's not given credits, When next to the rest, But bright doesn't mean, Necessarily the best.

You stood the test of time, You've been shunned by all, Yet despite it all, You still stood tall.

!@:KeshA:@! I sit on this day all on my own

Silenced by society and even my phone For I celebrate the 3rd day with the joy of peace But I got Haggis to eat, At least! The only friend I'll have on this day is my Habbo and my Brown Plasto Chair Being alone is peaceful, So why would I care!

123jennycool1 I sit alone, on this day,

Watch the water glisten on a pixel bay. I look over to admire the scene, Without my Habbo friend Dean. No arguments today, Left alone on a beach astray. But my life is enlightened, I no longer feel alone and frightened. I gaze at a Brown Plasto, Excitedly wiggling my toes. I walk towards it and stroke it, The pixel sun made it glow a bit. I sit on it feeling at home, This chair suddenly made me feel like I'm not alone. I pick it up and hug it in my inventory box, Then I dashed off that pixel beach quicker than a fox.

Kayut I think of you after a long day at work

Without you, I would go berserk For my tired butt would have nothing to rest on And I couldn't pretend to be a don.

In silence, you bear witness to my fart And gladly accept it with all your heart. In your eyes, I am never to blame When with you, I hold no shame.

Oh, brown plasto, how I cherish thee! To my pleasure, you hold the key. Never judging, never grudging Without a doubt, happiness you always bring!

J.Vint Passion lies Sleeping,

but with sudden tender, Dreams that fill with vague surmise Beautiful Brown Plasto.

Brown Plasto Hide away all the lies Those cutie seats Lead me away They leave my heart Knotted in ties They give my stomach Little black butterflies Brown Plasto.

You can tell me I promise I won't judge I can cope now I can agree now Why you kept this from me Everything will be okay You just need to let me sit I can't help thinking of you

So maybe next time I'll be here Don't need to worry I'll be right here

JStaar Brown plasto.

How do you impregnate the world of plastos within your plastic whom? You keep the world alive and brown like the fiery depths of my soul. Brown Plasto. Like a handful of brown pennies You always slip away.

Katrina6474 Oh, how brown you may be, with big stumpy knobbly legs,

Ugly to some ye may be, but to me Yer ma beauty. Plastic ye are but ye aye manage to hold me. I ken you hate when I sit, But I know ye can take my weight! Yer better than a haggis, so on burns day, id rather hay ye!

Black Plasto

Ecotron Black Plasto.png

The Black Plasto furni range, was released shortly after it was announced, on May 4th, 2012, that Plasto would be leaving the Habbo shop for good on May 12th, 2012. During this promotion, the Black Plasto furniture could be obtained by Habbos who recycled Plasto furniture, via the Ecotron, as all rewards during this period included the new line of Black Plasto furni.

All items, apart from the Black pod chair, were common items to be won. There were two Black Plasto furni bundles available for grabs if you received an Arcane award. The first bundle included the Black plasto chair and Black round dining table. The second bundle included the Black square dining table, Black occasional table, and Black four-leg table. The Phenomenal reward was the only way to obtain the Black pod chair.

Name Image Motto Rarity
Black pod chair Black Pod Chair.png Cool black plastic Phenomenal
1:100 chance
Black occasional table Occasional table.png Cool black plastic Common
1:5 chance
Black square dining table Black Square Dining Table.png Cool black plastic Common
1:5 chance
Black four-leg table Black four-leg table.png Cool black plastic Common
1:5 chance
Black plasto chair Black Plasto Chair.png Cool black plastic Common
1:5 chance
Black round dining table Black round dining table.png f Cool black plastic Common
1:5 chance

Rainbow Plasto

Rainbow Plasto Range
The Rainbow Plasto set of Limited Edition Rares was the culmination of a campaign Sulake began, to say goodbye to the Plasto range of furniture. They were released in July 2012 and many Habbos attempted to collect one of each item, resulting in the items selling out 10 minutes after release.

The following items are all of the items in the Rainbow Plasto range, complete with their release date;

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