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Room Bundles are pre-decorated rooms that can be purchased via the Catalogue, by direct purchase using a credit card, or by mobile for selected countries. Direct purchase usually saves whoever purchases them over 50% relative to the typical 99 Credits price tag. Upon buying these room bundles, a badge is usually enclosed and the purchaser would also get the permanent room layout, mostly a specially made layout to make the room more "filling", as well as the furniture. Room Bundles can be gifted to another person via the catalogue.

Room Bundles are usually released in conjunction with celebrations/campaigns on Habbo, such as Christmas. Most of the bundles cost 99 Credits, but there have been cases of diamonds as part of the purchasing price as well as bundles costing different amounts.


Many players have criticised Habbo for over-doing and releasing too many bundles, that are sometimes poorly designed and contains furniture that ultimately do not add up to the final 99 Credits price tag. There have also been cases of rares and furniture worth a decent amount of credits being featured in room bundles, and these furniture soon decreased in price. Most of the furni in room bundles end up as little as 1c each, a nightmare to furniture traders/collectors if their furni gets featured in a room bundle.

List of Bundles

Name Release Date Items
1 Habbo Main Street Bundle 25-Sep-2014 56
2 Habbo Main Street Bundle 25-Sep-2014 121
3 Habbo Main Street Bundle 25-Sep-2014 181
4 Habbo Main Street Bundle 25-Sep-2014 253
20th Birthday Bundle 03-Aug-2020 72
The Midas Touch Bundle 20-Nov-2015 22
80s Living Room Bundle 15-Oct-2018 76
Abandoned Hut Bundle 06-Jun-2016 87
Alien Metropolis Bundle 25-May-2017 64
Alpine Snowboarding Bundle 04-Jan-2016 60
Ancient Atlas Statue Bundle 24-Sep-2015 23
Ancient Jail Bundle 09-Oct-2017 79
Ancients Jungle Bundle May 2016 50
Arabian Garden Bundle 09-Aug-2017 68
Arctic Bundle 11-Dec-2015 59
Art Masterclass Bundle 09-Mar-2020
Art Studio Bundle 01-Mar-2020 46
Autumn Mushroom Garden Bundle 11-Sep-2015 66
Back to School Bundle 28-Aug-2015 91
Back to School Bundle 1 02-Sep-2019 68
Back to School Bundle 2 02-Sep-2019 133
Back to School Bundle 3 02-Sep-2019 202
Bat Cave Bundle 23-Oct-2017 69
Battleshade Room Bundle 14-May-2014 49
Battle Banzai Room Bundle 25-Sep-2013 49
Bavarian Christmas Bundle 01-Dec-2015 48
Bazaar Bundle 02-Aug-2017 118
Bazaar Tea House Bundle 23-Aug-2017 65
Beautiful Venezia Bundle 09-Feb-2015 44
Big City Apartment Bundle 17-Dec-2015 61
Big City Christmas Bundle 05-Dec-2014 55
Big Hospital Drama Bundle 02-Nov-2016 146/145
Blue Battle Ball Bundle 26-Sep-2016 75
Bogeyman Room Bundle 23-Oct-2013 91
Boutique Room Bundle 24-Mar-2014 90
Breakfast of Champions Bundle 10-Nov-2015 62/64
Cafe Diner Bundle 23-Jul-2018 81
Camping Trip Bundle 02-Apr-2020 132
Captain's Bundle Sep-2013 95
Caribbean Christmas Bundle 01-Dec-2014 34/35
Carnivale Costume Shop Bundle 15-Feb-2016 58
Carol Singer Bundle 13-Dec-2017 64
Cave Entrance Bundle 02-Oct-2017 119
Celestial Bundle 08-Jul-2019 78
Chess Set Bundle 02-Nov-2017 23
Chicken Coop Bundle 17-Apr-2017 63/78
Chill Modern Bundle 08-Jul-2020 100
Chinese Goat Sanctuary Bundle 23-Feb-2015 67
Choclatier Shop Bundle 03-Feb-2020 71
Christmas Cabin Bundle 23-Nov-2015 69
Cinema Premiere Bundle 14-Nov-2016 77
City Attic Gallery Bundle 25-Apr-2016 35
City Centre Gallery Bundle 23-Mar-2020 51
City of Neo-Habbo Bundle 03-Mar-2015 58
Classic Battle Ball Bundle 29-Aug-2016 91
Classic Habburgers Bundle 15-Aug-2016 60
Classic HC Club Bundle 04-Jan-2018 103
Classic Hotel View Bundle 04-Sep-2018 107
Classic Ice Cafe Bundle 18-Nov-2016 38
Classic Library Bundle 11-Jan-2018 83
Classic Lounge Bundle 15-May-2016 41
Classic Star Lounge Bundle 20-Feb-2017 94
Classic Tea Room Bundle 27-Jan-2017 77
Club Alien Bundle 14-Apr-2015 102
Club Carnivale Bundle 16-Feb-2015 67
Colossus of Rhodes Bundle 13-May-2019 56
Common Room Bundle 13-Dec-2016 75
[[Contemporary Art Gallery Bundle 16-Mar-2020 26
Cosy Living Room Bundle 07-Dec-2017 66
Cottage Kitchen Bundle 02-Nov-2015 56
Cozy Garden Bundle 15-Jul-2016 36
Creepy Dressing Room Bundle 04-Oct-2016 69
Cruise Port Bundle 27-Jun-2016 85
Cyber Banzai Bundle 25-Mar-2015 99
Danish Forest Bundle 12-Nov-2018 66
Dark Elegant Bundle 01-Jul-2020 74
Dark Forest Bundle 09-Dec-2019 98
Day of the Dead Bundle 24-Oct-2014 63/65
Deep Sea Den Bundle 29-Jun-2015 61
Deja Vu Theatre Bundle 05-Nov-2014 48
Desert Oasis Bundle 16-Aug-2017 62
Dessert Cafe Bundle 11-Sep-2017 67
Dining Hall Bundle 07-Dec-2016 75
Dungeon Hall Bundle 08-Jul-2015 56
Easter Garden Bundle 05-Mar-2018 155
Easter Treehouse Bundle 12-Mar-2018 77
Elegant Bundle 04-Sep-2017 46
Elf Hangout Bundle 19-Dec-2016 77
Evil Frank's Office Bundle 26-Oct-2016 59
Exam Study Hall Bundle 05-Jun-2015 70
Exchange in Paris Bundle 21-Aug-2015 52
Farmer's Kitchen Bundle 10-Apr-2017 82
Finnish Sauna Bundle 06-Dec-2017 65
Fira Village Bundle 08-Jun-2017 64
Fireside Chalet Bundle 22-Jan-2017 68
Fishing Day Bundle 08-Apr-2020 66
Floral Farm Bundle 27-Apr-2015 87
Food Market Bundle 23-Aug-2018 101
Football Locker Bundle 17-Aug-2015 80
Footballer's Mansion Bundle 18-Jun-2014 189
Forgotten Attic Bundle 27-Jan-2016 66
Fort Duckson Bundle 06-May-2015 61
Freaky Fairground Bundle 18-Oct-2014 54
Freeze Battle Bundle 18-Jan 2015 146
Frontier Train Bundle 13-Aug-2014 60
Frosty Winter Castle Bundle 13-Jan-2015 66
Gothic Dessert Cafe Bundle 15-Jul-2020 91
Green Battle Ball Bundle 12-Sept-2016 69
Great Farm Bake Bundle 03-Apr-2017 122
Greek Hot Springs Bundle 06-May-2019 54
Ground Floor Gallery Bundle 28-Sep-2015 34
Grunge Loft Bundle 18-Mar-2015 65
Habbelina's Forest Bundle 18-Apr-2019 57
Habbington Village Bundle 04-Apr-2016 50
Habbo Crown Jewels Bundle 15-Sep-2015 66
Habbo Forces HQ Bundle 11-May-2015 61
Habbo General Hospital Bundle 01-Jun-2015 77
Habbo House Party Bundle 29-Dec-2014 74/75
Habbo Island Resort Bundle 01-Dec-2014 34/35
Habbo Mall Entrance Bundle 01-Mar-2017 141
Habbocalypse Bundle 09-Oct-2015 76
Habbo Laundry Bundle 03-May-2018 61
HabboLympix Gym Bundle 24-Sep-2015 64
Haunted Hotel Room Bundle 18-Oct-2018 65
Haunted Lobby Bundle 11-Oct-2016 58
Haunted Mansion Bundle 24-Sep-2015 67
Healthy Canteen Bundle 25- Jul-2016 69
Hidden Treasure Bundle 16-Oct-2017 59
HiPad Store Room Bundle 04-Jun-2014 87
Hospital Drama Bundle 02-Nov-2016 73
Hygge House Bundle 05-Nov-2018 140
Ice Rink Bundle 20-Dec-2017 57
Infected Laboratory Bundle 02-Oct-2018 132
Japanese House Bundle 16-Aug-2018 60
Japanese Love Garden Bundle 08-Feb-2016 63
Jellybean Jungle Bundle 09-April-2014 62
Jungle Temple Bundle 13-May-2016 83
Jurassic Jungle Bundle 17-Apr-2018 99
Karaoke Bar Bundle 11-Jul-2016 84
Kitten's Cosy Kitchen Habitat Bundle 24-Nov-2015 22
Kitten's Habitat Bundle (2018) 21-May-2018 28
Kitten's Habitat Bundle (2019) 28-May-2019 29
Log Cabin Bundle 04-Nov-2019 80
Lord Pixel's Lair Bundle 09-May-2016 74
Lordly Jewels Bundle 21-Sept-2015 61
Lost World Safari Bundle 15-Jul-2015 58
Love Parade Bundle 22-Feb-2016 64
Luna Cinema Bundle 12-Nov-2014 69
Luxury Cabin Bundle 18-Jul-2016 83
Luxury Greek Garden Bundle 22-Jul-2015 69
Magical Christmas Theatre Bundle 03-Dec-2018 136
Medals Ceremony Bundle 22-Aug-2016 63
Mermaid Lagoon Bundle 11-Jun-2018 75
Military Assault Course Bundle 18-May-2015 75
Military Camp Bundle 09-Apr-2018 53
Military Mess Hall Bundle 25-May-2015 83
Modern Studio Bundle 03-May-2017 59
Music Da'Beach Bundle 04-Jun-2019 121
Mystics Room Bundle 23-Oct-2015 48
Noisy Garageband Deal 04-Feb-2010 29
Orange Battle Ball Bundle 05-Sep-2016 71
Pastel Bundle 21-May-2019 61
Pet Store Bundle 20-Mar-2017 137
Piccolo Halls Room Bundle 04-Sep-2015 60
Piglet Pen Habitat Bundle 24-Nov-2015 30
Piglet's Habitat Bundle (2019) 29-May-2019 29
Polar Bear's Habitat Bundle 21-May-2018 22
Polar Bear's Habitat Bundle (2019)
Police Force Bundle 23-Apr-2018 156
Pony Express Room Bundle 31-Jan-2014 88
Pool Party Bundle 23-Sep-2017 106
Posh Restaurant Bundle 02-Nov-2015 126
Princess Bundle 19-Feb-2018 70
Pro Gamer Bundle 10-May-2018 21
Professor's Office Bundle 04-Sep-2014 70
Psychedelic Restaurant Bundle 17-Jan-2017 168
Puppy's Habitat Bundle 21-May-2018 32
Puppy's Habitat Bundle (2019) 29-May-2019 29
Rainbow Room Bundle 01-Jul-2019 93
Rainy Day Bundle 09-Sep-2019 73
Rattlesnake River Town Bundle 20-Aug-2014 65
Red Beach Bundle 15-Jun-2017 58
Romantic Restaurant Bundle 01-Feb-2019 144
Runway Backstage Bundle 03-Mar-2016 195
Runway Catwalk Bundle 03-Mar-2016 132
Runway Photocall Bundle 03-Mar-2016 60
Runway VIP Party Bundle 03-Mar-2016 261
Saint Nicholas' Bundle 24-Dec-2014 75
Santa's Office Bundle 01-Dec-2016 73
Santa's Workshop Bundle 23-Dec-2013 130/131
Santini BonBon Bundle 30-Mar-2015 64
Santorini Dock Bundle 01-Jun-2017 152
Seaside Watersports Bundle 17-Jul-2017 55
Serenity Health Spa Bundle 11-May-2020 149
Serenity Spa Bundle Feb-2014
Seven Dwarves Bundle 09-Apr-2019 60
Shipwreck Deal 07-Apr-2010 20
Silver Mustard's Sanctuary Bundle 16-May-2016 62
Small Pool Bundle 15-Jun-2015 75
Spacecraft Bundle 08-May-2017 172
Sportswear Store Bundle 01-Aug-2016 49
St Patricks Day Bundle 12-Mar-2015 43
Star Gazer's Bundle 10-Jul-2017 73
Steampunk Bunk Bundle 29-Jul-2015 66
Steelscar Room Bundle 14-May-2014 49
Student in Tokyo Bundle 05-Aug-2016 63
Sultan Palace View Bundle 01-Jun-2020 129
Summer Festival Bundle 24-Jul-2017 90
Sunken Ship Bundle 18-Jun-2018 161
Superhero Smuggler's Bundle 02-May-2016 62
Supermarket Bundle 16-Sep-2019 63
Swan Lake Bundle 01-Feb-2018 58
Sweet Home Bundle 1 03-Jan-2020 77
Sweet Home Bundle 2 03-Jan-2020 180
Sweet Home Bundle 3 03-Jan-2020 274
Terrier's Habitat Bundle 21-May-2018 39
Terrier's Habitat Bundle (2019) 28-May-2019 39
Testing Facility Bundle 8-Oct-2018 64
The Grand Viking Fleet Bundle 11-Apr-2016 92
Thursday Anniversary Deal 11-Feb-2010 20
Thursday Cup Finale Deal 06-May-2010 18
Thursday Flea Market Deal 28-Apr-2010 20
Titan Spacecraft Bundle 08-May-2017 310
Tokyo Arcade Bundle 09-Aug-2018 47
Tokyo Street Market Bundle 03-Aug-2018 113
Traffic Warden Bundle 14-Jan-2015 69
Treasure Cave Bundle 25-Jun-2018 52
Tropical Lagoon Bundle 20-Jun-2016 65
Twisted Castle Bundle 22-Oct-2014 95/96
Ultra-Secure Gallery Bundle 29-Apr-2016 48
Underwater House Bundle 04-Jun-2018 148
Undiscovered Planet Bundle 18-May-2017 46
Vault Bundle 15-Sep-2015 121
Venetian Theater Bundle 01-Feb-2016 81
Victorian Street Bundle 01-Dec-2017 123
Vikings Fleet Bundle 11-Apr-2016 51
Village Fair Bundle 03-Jul-2017 123
Voodoo Swamp Bundle 13-Oct-2014 72
Wedding Banquet Bundle 13-Feb-2017 142
Wedding Ceremony Bundle 06-Feb-2017 85
Wild West Bar Bundle 03-Apr-2018 120
Winter Castle Bundle 02-Dec-2019 103
Winter Outdoor Bundle 11-Jan-2016 69
Witch Academy Bundle 01-Oct-2019 135
Witches' Sabbath Bundle 08-Oct-2019 49
Woodland Ice Hockey Bundle 25-Jan-2015 51
Wrestling Ring Room Bundle 29-Apr-2014 73
Year of the Monkey Bundle 04-Feb-2016 59
Zen Garden Bundle 12-Sep-2018 106
Name Release Date Items
Palooza Hoopla Bundle 01-Jul-2015 102
Perilous Jungle Bundle
Pet Sanctuary Room Bundle 01-Oct-2014 80
Piglet's Habitat Bundle
Pirates Room Bundle
Polar Bear Habitat Bundle
Puppy's Paradise Habitat
Purple Battle Ball Bundle
Reinforced Basement Gallery Bundle
Relaxation Room Bundle 18-Aug-2016 92
Surrealistic Restaurant Bundle 05-Mar-2014 165
Smugglers Hideout Bundle
Subterranean Vault Bundle
Terrier in a Tower Habitat Bundle
Velociraptor Nursery Bundle
Wild West Room Bundle
Wired Game Room Bundle
Year of the Horse Room Bundle