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Enchanted Winter Forest
Spromo xmas20 gen.png
Release date December 2020
Previous Campaign
November 2020
Next Campaign
January 2021

The Enchanted Winter Forest is the Christmas 2020 campaign held throughout the month December. The campaign takes us into the snowy depths of an enchanted winter forest. within the forest, you'll find brand new frosted trees, plants, and other magical furni that'll help to transport you directly into a dreamy, Nordic, winter wonderland.

Within this campaign Habbo will change from Flash to Unity, also known as Habbo 2020, since Adobe flash player will be discontinued by the end of the month. Beta testing began in November and it is to believed the change will happen in mid-December.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Frosted Weeds Image2020-9-17 16-22-33.png
Frosted Holly Bush Image2020-9-17 16-24-32.png
Forest Stump Xmas c20 bigstump2.png
Snowy Rock Bridge Xmas c20 bridge.png
xmas_c20_forestbg Xmas c20 forestbg 64 a 4 0.png
Frosted Wild Mushrooms Xmas c20 frostedfungi.png
Frosted Tree Xmas c20 frostytree 64 a 0 1.png
Frozen Stream Xmas c20 frozenstream 64 a 2 0.png
Frozen Waterfall Xmas c20 frozenwaterfall 64 a 0 0.png
Pebble People Xmas c20 pebblepeeps1.png
Long-lost Teleport Xmas c20 runetele 64 a 0 0.png
Woodland Shrine Xmas c20 shrine.png
Small Forest Stump Xmas c20 smallstump2.png
Frosted Snowdrops Xmas c20 snowdrops1.png
Snow-covered Rocks Xmas c20 stage.png
Stone Arch Xmas c20 stonearch 64 a 0 0.png
Stone Cauldron Xmas c20 stonecauldron.png
Enchanted Tree Stump Xmas c20 treestump 64 e 2 1.png


Name Image
Nordic Breaids Clothing braidedwavyhair.png
Tartan Kilt Clothing kilt 64 a 0 0.png
Tartan Sash Clothing kilttop 64 a 0 0.png
Back Lantern Image2020-9-17 16-26-20.png

Advent Calendar Furni

Eight new furniture from the Enchanted Winter Forest line could only be obtained by opening gifts from the advent calendar.

Name Image
Wooden Bird Xmas c20 woodenbird 64 d 0 0 copy.png
Wooden Dog Xmas c20 woodendog 64 a 0 0.png
Wooden Plane Xmas c20 woodenplane.png
Wooden Train Xmas c20 woodentrain.png
Wooden Nutcracker Xmas c20 nutcracker1.png
Block Puzzle Image2020-9-17 16-25-0.png
Wooden House Image2020-9-17 16-25-40.png
Wooden Bead Game Xmas c20 beadgame.png


Rune Rocks and Rune Stones were the only ingredients needed to craft during the campaign. Habbos could buy a Rune Rock from the catalogue and crack them into one of five colours, and could even keep on cracking it infinite times to get the colour they needed. The Rune Stones were available by completing games through the month. Both ingredients could be used together to craft seven different types of cretaures.

Due to the upcoming Habbo 2020 update expected to launch during the Enchanted Winter Forest campaign, Habbo warned users that the crafting could only be done on the Flash version of Habbo, and crafting would not be available on the new Unity client.

Xmas20 illu crack-all-except-FR-NL.png
Name Image
Rock Crafter (crafting table) Xmas c20 crafter.gif
Rune Rock Xmas c20 runerock.gif
Purple Rune Rock Xmas c20 runerockpurple.gif
Blue Rune Rock Xmas c20 runerockblue.gif
Yellow Rune Rock Xmas c20 runerockyellow.gif
Pink Rune Rock Xmas c20 runerockred.gif
Green Rune Rock Xmas c20 runerockgreen.gif
Rune Stones Xmas c20 smallrunestones.gif
Xmas20 illu craft.png
Name Image
Mountain Dragon Xmas c20 magicguy.gif
Rock Elder Xmas c20 rockguy.gif
Earth Viking Xmas c20 earthguy.gif
Flower Face Xmas c20 flowerguy.gif
Magma Gnome Xmas c20 fireguy.gif
Rotund Yeti Xmas c20 snowguy.gif
Icy Beast Xmas c20 iceguy.gif
Rune Stones Xmas c20 smallrunestones.gif


Name Image Badge
Dragonfly Wings Clothing r20 dragonflywings.png X2009.png
Inuit Outfit Clothing r20 inuit.png XX2010.png
Elven Ice Fountain Xmas r20 icefountain.png
Enchanted Sword Xmas r20 magicsword 64 d 0 0 copy.png X2011.png

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Badge
Himalayan Yak Image2020-9-17 16-28-17.png X2013.gif

Room Bundles

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