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Release date 2010
Season N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

Habbo Football was introduced in 2010 along with a selection of furniture. The furniture range included main objects such as an interactive football, pitch pieces and a football gate which would change a habbos outfit so they were in the correct uniform for their team. Achievements can also be earned from playing Football.

How To Play

Habbo Football is a lot like real football or as known in America, Soccer. Of course, there is a field, 2 goals and a football. The objective in football is to score goals and make sure the other team or other Habbo doesn't score. In order to kick the ball in Habbo football, you just need to run through the ball and it will kick in the direction you run at it from, just like how you would kick a ball in real life. Make sure to chase the ball before your opponent can get to it. To score points, make sure you kick it into the goal. The Habbo or team with the most points at the end of the timer wins.

World Cup

In 2010, after the Football furniture line had been released, Habbo came up with an idea to hold a Habbo World Cup. Habbo World Cup has a variety of competitions, including video and room-building competitions. One popular competition is the "Football Guru Prediction Poll, in which players predict the outcome of the various games in the World Cup. Habbo World Cup, of course also has huge football games open to any Habbo users that would like to participate. During Habbo World Cup you will get to meet multiple Habbo staff that host it or are participating. So far only one Habbo World Cup event has happened, but lots of people predict more Habbo World Cup events will happen in the near future.


On June 28th 2012, two achievements were introduced for the football line. The achievements were added during the Euro 2012 competition and both are awarded based on the scoring of goals. Both achievements have only five levels.

Football Goal Scorer

ACH FootballGoalScored1.gif

This achievement is awarded to users for shooting soccer balls into football goals X number of times. Only soccer balls and banzai pucks can be used to score goals. This achievement is best achieved through the use of boosters, as the highest level requires the user to score a total of 10,000 goals.

Football Goal Host

ACH FootballGoalScoredInRoom1.gif

This achievement is awarded to users for hosting X number of goals in their own rooms. Other users must shoot either a soccer ball or banzai puck into a user's football goal to advance in this achievement.


The Football minigame brought along its own furnitire range. it was first introduced during Summer 2010 in 3 separate releases in order to commemorate the 2010 FIFA World Cup and has endured an additional extension in 2012, due to the Euro Cup taking place. This range featured the very first "interactive" ball (that could be pushed about by other users by simply running towards it) and there are 37 items in total in this furniture range, all of which can be very useful when either running events or just a hang out for friends. All this furniture can be bought for very cheap prices either on the marketplace or in credit shops.

Name Image Motto
Football Gate (Used for instant changing of clothes before a game)
Fball gate.png
Choose your side!
Football Bench
Football Bench.png
Don't be a bench warmer
Football Corner
Football Corner.png
How big will your game be?
Football Fence Short
Football Fence Short.png
How big will your game be?
Football Fence Long
Football Fence Long.png
How big will your game be?
Football Gate
Football Gate.png
Choose your side!
Football Goal (Blue, Green, Red & Yellow)
Fball goal y.png
Fball goal r.png
Fball goal g.png
Fball goal b.png
Stadium Lights
Stadium Light.png
Darkness wont stop the fun.
Football Patch (1 > 9)
Fball ptch8.png
Build your game field.
Football Scoreboard (Green, Red, Yellow & Blue)
Whats the score?
Football Barrier
Football Barrier.png
Protect the crowds
Stadium Bench
Stadium Bench.gif
A great view for all!
Who's winning?
World Cup Trophy
World Cup Trophy.gif
We are the champions.
(Yellow/Red/Blue) Game Ball
Game on? GAME ON!
Grand Final ball
Grand Final Ball.gif
Kick the winning goal!
Sports led screen (Germany, Italy, Spain & Portugal)
Football Flag de.png
Football Flag it.png
Football Flag es.png
Football Flag pt.png
For supporters of (Germany, Italy, Spain or Portugal)


When purchasing a LED Sports screen u receive a badge

Name Image
Go Germany! Germany is the best! Football DE.gif
Go Italy! Italy is the best! Football IT.gif
Go Spain! Spain is the best! Football ES.gif
Go Portugal! Portugal is the best! Football PT.gif

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