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Habbo's 20th Anniversary
Release date July 2020
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
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Habbo 20 was a campaign that's being held to celebrate Habbo's 20th Birthday in July and August 2020. The campaign came with a lot new furniture and room bundles. Just like the 15th birthday Habbo released a special crackable balloon which contained Rose Gold rares.

At the beginning of the campaign on July 1st, ClubNX was turned into a 20's ballroom with a design featuring the new furniture that would later be released, including adding balloons and new wall decorations and carpet. The aquariums inside the club became orange.

Seven new unique trophies could be won by entering the competitions. Four of them, the Videographer Trophy, Designer Trophy, Outfit Expert Trophy and Block Trophy became new Ultra Rares as only three people could win each one. The other three trophies, 20th Birthday Trophy, could be won several times by entering a Twitter competition.


Name Image
Birthday Ballroom Screen Habbo20 c20 artdecobackdrop.png
Birthday Ballroom Carpet Habbo20 c20 artdecocarpet.png
Birthday Ballroom Chair Habbo20 c20 artdecochair.png
Birthday Ballroom Balloons Habbo20 c20 balloons.png
Ballroom Dinner Table Habbo20 c20 glitzytable.png


Name Image
Habbo 20th Birthday T-shirt M102.png F257.png
Smooth Waves Clothing chiseledface.png
Ballroom Dancer's Dress Clothing flapperdress.png
Bonnie's Ballroom Purse Clothing glitzypurse.png
Smooth Waves Clothing modernshortwave.png
Pencil Moustache Clothing pencilmoustache.png
Silk Gloves Clothing silkgloves.png
Ballroom Charmer Clothing slickedbackhair.png
Stellar Earrings Clothing starearrings.png

Habbo 20 Balloons

The probabilities of each balloon
Main articles: Rose Gold Balloon and Trimmed Rose Gold Balloon

Two types of crackable balloons were released, a Rose Gold Balloon which contained clothing from the catalogue, and a Trimmed Rose Gold Balloon which included one of sixteen Rose Gold Rares. There was also a slim chance of receiving a Trimmed balloon from the regular Rose Gold Balloon. Due to the Lootbox Ban on Habbo.nl and Habbo.fr the Rose Gold Rares were instead able to be purchased in the catalogue.

Rose Gold Rares in the Habbo.nl catalogue
Name Image Prizes
Rose Gold Balloon Habbo20 c20 crackable.png
  • Rose Gold Balloon
  • Trimmed Rose Gold Balloon
  • Meow-Suit
  • Comfort Clothes Outfit
  • Robe of the Lost Souls
  • Mermaid Outfit
  • Long Messy Curls
  • Slouchy Knit Hat
  • Techno Headphones
  • Spotless Tuxedo
  • With Robes
Trimmed Rose Gold Balloon Habbo20 r20 crackable2.png
  • Rose Gold Dragon Lamp
  • Rose Gold Ice Cream Maker
  • Rose Gold Fountain
  • Rose Gold Elephant
  • Rose Gold Parasol
  • Rose Gold Laser Portal
  • Rose Gold Powered Fan
  • Rose Gold Pillow
  • Rose Gold Spaceship Door
  • Rose Gold Smoke Machine
  • Rose Gold Amber Lamp
  • Rose Gold Sleeping Bag
  • Rose Gold Oriental Screen
  • Rose Gold Pillar
  • Rose Gold Marquee
  • Rose Gold Road Barrier


Name Image Badge
Street Royalty Clothing darkelegantset 64 a 0 0.png Clothing darkelegantset 64 a 4 0.png HTW12.png
Sleep Time Clothing r20 slumberoutfit.png HTW16.png
Gothic Fancy Dress Clothing gothicset.png HTW14.png
Neon Punk Outfit Image2020-5-22 17-20-49.png Image2020-5-22 17-21-5.png HTW15.png
Solar Utopia Outfit Clothing r20 harmonyset 64 a 0 0.png HTW20.png
Frank's Tux Clothing r20 glitzytux.png HTW13.png
20th Birthday Throne Intra throne.png HTW17.gif
Birthday Ballroom Candles Rare r20 candle 64 a 2 0.png HTW18.png
Vintage Sofa Rare royalsofa.png HTW35.png

Room Bundles


Three Offers were released. These offers contained a few 'Machines' from ranges like Diner, Infected Laboratory and New Years 2010 and an exclusive badge for each one.

Machines Offer One

Tto machines1.png

This offer contained the following furniture:

  • Aquamarine Gum Machine
  • Green Gum Machine
  • White Gum Machine
  • Aquamarine Register
  • Green Register
  • White Register
  • Hi-Tech Crosstrainer
  • Stainless Steel Oven
  • Hook-a-Duck
  • Security Sencor
  • School Bus
  • Tokyo Bug Vendor
  • Racing Arcade Machine
  • Banana Drink Machine
  • Defective Rift Monitor
  • Snooping Device
  • Contaminant Handling Box
  • Red Firework Blaster
  • BHang Bug Sparkler
  • Fireworks Pot
  • Red Rocket
  • Fireworks Wolf Blue
  • Popcorn Machine
  • Slot Machine
  • Executive Printer
  • Desk Phone
  • Security Camera
  • Copier
  • Toaster
  • Joystick
  • Hospital Defibrillator
  • Gooey Defibrillator
  • Hospital X-Ray
  • X-Ray Light

Machines Offer Two

Tto machines2.png

Machines offer two was released on July 14 and contained the following 37 furniture:

  • Beige Gumball Machine
  • Pink Gumball Machine
  • Yellow Gumball Machine
  • Beige Register
  • Pink Register
  • Yellow Register
  • Gym Treadmill
  • Duck Funk Revolution
  • Red Plane Landing Path
  • Future Tokyo Bike
  • Yellow Arcade Machine
  • Mixing Desk
  • Mega Jukebox
  • Rift Monitor
  • Infected Monitoring Machine
  • Guillotine
  • Yellow Firework Blaster
  • Fireworks Gnome
  • Bee Buster Blaster
  • Fireworks Box
  • Fruity Slush Dispenser
  • MyPod Docking Station
  • Model Car
  • Game Console
  • Games
  • Habbook Pro
  • Teamaker
  • Conservatory Fan
  • Conservatory Heater
  • Conservatory Radio
  • Farmyard Windmill
  • Bling Fridge
  • Chocolate Fountain
  • Candy Machine

Machines Offer Three

Tto machines3.png

Machines Offer Two was released on July 21 and contained the following 35 Furniture:

  • Blue Gumball machine
  • Red Gumball machine
  • Mint Gumball Machine
  • Blue Register
  • Red Register
  • Mint Register
  • Deluxe Dishwasher
  • Blue Plane Landing Path
  • Target Practice Booth
  • Tokyo Drink Vendor
  • Purple Arcade Machine
  • Studio Camera
  • Jukebox
  • Multi-Screen Monitoring Machine
  • Destroyed Snooping Device
  • Green Firework Blaster
  • Purple Fireworks Blaster
  • Nuclear Firework
  • Fireworks Tube
  • Firework Wolf Purple
  • Palooza Coaster
  • Pink Van
  • Green Van
  • Yellow Van
  • Command Console
  • Navigation Console
  • Engineering Console
  • Warp Reactor
  • Aquarium
  • Cuckoo's Clock
  • Desktop Items
  • Dimensional Teleporter
  • Bloody Defibrillator
  • Cabin Stove
  • Hot Tub


KickWars 2020

KickWars 2020 was a game of KickWars hosted twice daily from July 16th. Habbos had to navigate through a maze of rooms where everyone had rights and had to reach the end area without being kicked. There were three hidden badges in the rooms and a badge for reaching the end. Everyone who got to the end would receive a point and the top 6 players received a Rhodochrosite Seal and their choice of either the Gothic Dessert Cafe Bundle or Chill Modern Bundle.

Next Stop: Habbo Hotel

Name Image Name Image
Next stop, Habbo Hotel! HTW21.png Welcome to Habbo! HTW22.png
Caught in the chaos! HTW23.png Caught the red hoodie stranger! HTW24.png
Tick-Tock. Can you hear it? HTW25.png Defused the Bomb! HTW26.png

Bonnie and Piccolo are back in town ready to help out Frank with all the arrangements for Habbo's 20th birthday. Before they head off to meet Frank they need your help finding their luggage.

How to play:

  • Watch closely how the six luggages in the room open and close.
  • To find the right luggages you'll need to choose the ones that stay open the longest by standing on the ring plate in front of them.
  • You have 30 seconds to find both suitcases. Good luck!

Welcome to Habbo!

Bonnie and Piccolo have finally made it to the hotel, but now they'll need to walk past all the obstacles that are in front of them.

How to play:

  • Chose the bot you want to guide by pulling one of the levers that are next to the chair.
  • Use the arrow tiles to guide the bots.
  • Make sure they step on all the red tiles and reach the end of the street before the time runs out.
  • Once you're done, take the ruinstone teleport to continue.

Lost Keys

Frank has lost his keys and is having a hard time finding them. Help him get his keys back so he can continue getting things ready.

How to play:

  • Catch the keys that are moving around the room 5 times in order to continue.
  • You only have one minute so make sure you move fast.
  • After you're done, take the teleport to continue.

Frank's room has been completely trashed... Before you set off trying to find who could've done something like this, you need to help Frank save the furnis that were left behind.

How to play:

  • Walk carefully around the room and make sure you don't hit by the flies.
  • Stand next to the following furnis and type * to collect them:
  • Mouse trap
  • Trash can
  • Balloons
  • Cake
  • When you're done take the teleport to collect your badge.

High Speed Chase

Frank and his friends are busy planning the anniversary when a group of strangers sneak into the coffee shop and steal the decorations they bought. Catch the red hoodie stranger before he manages to escape.

How to play:

  • Wait for the attic door to open and pull the lever to open the barrier gate.
  • Move fast before the hidden pyramids block your path.
  • Walk carefully over the arrow tiles and make sure you don't fall off them.
  • Watch out for the turtles and race to the alley to catch the thief before the time runs out.

Maude's Office

You've sneaked inside Maude's office and now you need to see what she's been up to by checking the last message on her computer. Maude has hidden her password around the room, you'll need to find it before you reach her desk.

How to play:

  • ‌Walk carefully around the room and find the floorboards that won't teleport you back to the start.
  • Find the hidden lever to get the first part of Maude's password.
  • Other furnis around the room are hiding secret clues that you'll need to find in order to turn all the slope lights on.
  • Once you've made it to her desk, sit on the chair and say the password using asteriks to see what the message on her computer says.

Ticking Time Bomb

You've set off on a mission to find the 30 day ban bomb that's been hidden somewhere in the hotel. It won't be an easy tak but somebody's gotta do it.

How to play:

  • ‌Walk on the tiles until you find the correct path that will lead you to the arrow tile.
  • Once you've made it to the other side, take the teleport to continue.

How to play:

  • ‌Find the 3 hidden levers that will open the gate.
  • Walk quickly through the one way gates using the switch next to the tiles.
  • When you've made it to the other side, take the teleport to continue.

How to play:

  • ‌Avoid the items the bot is throwing at you for 30 seconds.
  • If you manage to survive, take the Forest Ring teleport to continue.

You've finally found the hidden ban bomb. Now you need to be quick and defuse the bomb before it goes off.

How to play:

  • Watch closely how the numbers are made.
  • Step on the black tiles to write the seven digit code.
  • After you've finished writing a number, pull one of the levers before you continue with the next one.
  • You have 1:30 minute to finish. Good luck!


Win 20th Anniversary Trophies on Twitter!

Main article: 20th Birthday Trophy

For seven days starting from July 17th, Habbo ran a Twitter competition where Habbos would try to get a verified Twitter account with over 25,000 followers to tweet @Habbo and their own Twitter handle. Habbos would receive a 20th Birthday Trophy depending on how many followers the verified account had, 25,000+ would receive a bronze trophy, 50,000+ a silver trophy and 100,000+ a gold trophy.

Name Image
Gold 20th Birthday Trophy Habbo20 c20 trophygold.png
Silver 20th Birthday Trophy Habbo20 c20 trophysilver.png
Bronze 20th Birthday Trophy Habbo20 c20 trophybronze.png

Lights, camera, action!

The Lights, Camera, Action! competition asked Habbos to create a one minute video describing their Habbo journey. All entrants received a badge, while 10 runners up received a month of Habbo Club, the top five entries received a Gothic Dessert Cafe Bundle and the top three entries received a Videographer Trophy.

The winners were Ligep, Lc22 & Palzo, and .:coqueluche:. & Jeca-Tatu.

The runners-up in the top five were U2 and Pulx.

The other ten runners-up were:

  • Michaels & antghero
  • chrisi784 & Cinoplex
  • IAmReallyBored & Furfelle
  • Extremeslayer
  • Plutonioo & .ShyRa.
  • asia-g
  • Scarlatae
  • Skam & iCard
  • victorgabr-90
  • cyberkids
Name Image
Videographer Trophy Habbo20 c20 trophyvideo.png

Turning 20 is a Piece of Cake!

The Turning 20 is a Piece of Cake! competition asked Habbos to create a birthday cake using the Builders Blocks in Builders Club. All entrants received a badge, while 10 runners up received a month of Builders Club, the top five entries received a Kawaii Punk Bundle and the top three entries received a Block Builder Trophy.

The winners were Michaels, Oivind, and @:Brody:@.

The top five runners-up were VinnyLovesYou, Pulx, Felidae, Maly and mr.bryian.

The other ten runners-up were:

  • lluvli
  • doglover53
  • Peppermink
  • SueOprahWinfrey
  • IAmReallyBored
  • icearbr
  • :Cerys
  • mr.bryian
  • Ffionella
  • Mult
Name Image
Block Builder Trophy Habbo20 c20 trophyblock.png

Frank's New Look

The Frank's New Look competition asked Habbos to create a new outfit for Frank to celebrate Habbo's 20th birthday. All entrants received a badge, while 10 runners up received a month of Habbo Club, the top five entries received a Dark Elegant Bundle and the top three entries received a Outfit Expert Trophy.

The winners were A.G.R.S, Alexthedoc, and ixillis.

The top five runners-up were Anarchy, Howtowhat?, ElDieguito, -Cappie and Skam.

The other ten runners-up were:

  • Alejandro-
  • Atalyn1804
  • BallGambit
  • francyismeh
  • JVlarissa
  • LC22
  • Michaels
  • monsters..
  • strvnger,
  • xosmetics
Name Image
Outfit Expert Trophy Habbo20 c20 trophylooks.png

Poster Design Competition

The Poster Design competition asked Habbos to create a poster that shows what Habbo means to them. All entrants received a badge, while 10 runners up received a month of Habbo Club, the top five entries received a Chill Modern Bundle and the top three entries received a Designer Trophy.

The winners were U2, purple-blep, and Doodles.

The top four runners-up were Scarlatae, ExtraKen, Erik777 and TomasAlright!

The other nine runners-up were:

  • Kawah
  • .JohnCarrell.
  • mesquitattoo
  • Putative.
  • Panday
  • -FedeA-
  •  !-SnowGlobe-!
  • ben63395
Name Image
Designer Trophy Habbo20 c20 trophydesign.png