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Art Studio is the name of an upcoming Campaign / Room Bundle in March 2020.


Name Image
Art_c20_artstool Art c20 artstool.png
Art_c20 bin Art c20 bin 64 a 0 0.png
Art_c20_caddy Art c20 caddy 64 a 2 0.png
Art_c20_canvas Art c20 canvas 64 a 0 0.png
Art_c20_chair Art c20 chair 64 a 2 0.png
Art_c20_clotheshanger Art c20 clotheshanger 64 a 0 0.png
Art_c20_coffeetable Art c20 coffeetable.png
Art_c20_desk Art c20 desk 64 b 2 0.png
Art_c20_drawingtablet Art c20 drawingtablet.png
Art_c20_easel1 Art c20 easel1.png
Art_c20_easel2 Art c20 easel2.png
Art_c20_easel4 Art c20 easel4.png
Art_c20_floor Art c20 floor 64 b 0 0.png
Art_c20_light Art c20 light 64 a 0 0.png
Art_c20_paintings1 Art c20 paintings1.png
Art_c20_paintings2 Art c20 paintings2.png
Art_c20_paintings3 Art c20 paintings3.png
Art_c20_plant Art c20 plant 64 a 0 0.png
Art_c20_rolledpaper Art c20 rolledpaper 64 a 0 0.png
Art_c20_rug Art c20 rug 64 a 0 0.png
Art_c20_shelves Art c20 shelves.png
Art_c20_sofa Art c20 sofa.png
Art_c20_wall Art c20 wall 64 a 2 0.png
Art_c20_window Art c20 window 64 a 2 1.png


Name Image
Regal Theatre Curtains Royal r20 grandebackdrop.png

Forgotten Chest

Art easter 2010 01.png

These chests contain six furni and a new backpack. If you're lucky, you might get the gold versions! (Note: there are a total of five gold furni - not six - and one gold backpack.) Only available during several 24-hour windows this month!


Name Image
Small Cuckoo Clock Art c20 clock 64 a 4 0.png
Sequin Pillow Art c20 pillow 64 a 4 0.png
Berry Dolly Mix Art c20 chair1 64 a 4 0.png
Bright Dolly Mix Art c20 chair2 64 a 0 0.png
Long Dolly Mix Art c20 chair3 64 a 6 0.png
Layer Dolly Mix Art c20 chair4 64 a 0 0.png
Heart Backpack Clothing c20 heartbackpack 64 a 0 0 (1).png


Name Image
Gold Cuckoo Clock Art c20 gold5 64 a 4 0.png
Gold Sequin Pillow Art c20 gold4 64 a 4 0.png
Gold Dolly Mix Art c20 gold1 64 a 0 0.png
Gold Long Dolly Mix Art c20 gold2 64 a 2 0.png
Gold Layer Dolly Mix Art c20 gold3 64 a 4 0.png
Gold Heart Backpack Clothing c20 goldheartbp 64 a 0 0.png

Room Bundles


2 Offers will be released containing Walls



The Houvre Museum

Spromo 02marchgame.png

Room 1

You've been asked to be part of the museum's staff team and look after the greatest art collection of all times. Will you be up for the challenge?

Take the teleport to find out, or type: game

Room 2

What are the odds of someone breaking into the museum your first day on the job? Luck doesn't seem to be on your side but that won't stop you from catching the robber and saving the day.

How to play:

  • Use the levers to move the bot and catch the robber.
  • You will need to catch the robber twice, make sure you say captured the second time you catch him.
  • You only have one minute to catch him and and keep the paintings safe.
  • When you're done take the ruinstone teleport to continue.

Room 3

It's time to put your photographic skills to the test and snap some pictures of the museum's latest acquisitions.

How to play:

  • Use the levers to move the camera over the zen uplighters.
  • Make sure the camera is in the right postion and step on the ringplate to take the picture.
  • You have one minute to take eight pictures.
  • Once you're done take the ruinstone teleport to collect your prize. Good luck!


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