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This page refers to a current Habbo campaign, so content is constantly getting updated as the campaign continues. 

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Hygge in Habbo is a Habbo campaign and very small furniture range that was available in November 2018. The campaign was inspired by Denmark and specifically the word 'Hygge'.

Four pieces of catalogue furniture were created for the campaign, they appeared in the catalogue under Danish Hygge Furni.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Bronze-Plated Log Burner Bronze-Plated Log Burner.png
Lounging Mattress Lounging Mattress.png
Reading Armchair Reading Armchair.png
Cluttered Shelf Cluttered Shelf.png

Diamond Gift Box

The Diamond Gift Box was a crackable piece of furni. Upon cracking it, Habbos would find either a piece of previously released items or a new diamond version of a piece of clothing.

The new items released in the box were:

Name Image
Diamond Gift Box Diamond Gift Box.png
Diamond Leaf Crown Diamond Leaf Crown.png
Diamond Noble Crown Diamond Noble Crown.png
Diamond Fish Hat Diamond Fish Hat.png

The previously released items that could also be received were:

  • Aquarium
  • Chocolate Jersey
  • French Flower Cart
  • Canvas Slip Ons
  • Hipster Glasses
  • Leafy Roof
  • Luscious Long Hair
  • Two-Tone Cardigan
  • Pile of Paintings
  • Bubble Juicer Blower
  • Hover Traffic Lights


Name Image Badge
Nordic Fringe Nordic Fringe.png HYG01.gif
Dozing Fox Dozing Fox.png HYG02.gif

Room Bundles

Two new Room Bundles were released, they were: