African Savannah

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African Savannah
Release date August 2010
Season N/A
Available from: Builders Club

African Savannah is a furniture range that was released into the hotel on August 20th, 2010. It was released alongside the arrival of the Pet Lion and Pet Rhino, hence some of the African Savannah furniture being under Pet Accessories. Eleven items arrived in the hotel under this furniture range - six are regular items of furniture and five are Pet Accessories. The range is popular for rooms based on the Country, they also range in value with the most being approximately 3 Credits. The range often appears in the Catalogue, but it is mainly the Pet Accessories items that are more popular due to the Rhino Nest being a favourite item in Casinos.


2010 Release

Name Image Motto
Baobob Tree  Savannah tree 2.gif Click and watch it grow!
Accacia Tree  Savannah tree 1.gif Create a shady spot..
Savannah Patch  Savannah patch.gif Roam the Savannah for miles and miles...
Sand Stage  Savannah stage.gif Put on your own rendition of the Lion King
African Bones  Savannah bones.gif Left for dead...
Stick Fence Savannah fence.gif Keep the wild life at bay!
Grass Block Grass Block.png Build it up!
Dem Bones Dem Bones.png What manner of creature did these belong to?
Rock Block Rock Block.png Build it up!
Savannah landscape Savannah Landscape.png You can see for miles
Shallow Water Shallow Water.png Shallow waters, deep thoughts
Flamingo Flamingo.png A bird in the hand...
Blazing Sun Blazing Sun.png Quick! Do your Icarus impression!

Pet Accessories

Furniture Name Furniture Image Furniture Motto
High Lion's Nest  Pet nest lion high.gif I can sleep for miles!
Low Lion's Nest  Pet nest lion.gif For lions scared of heights!
Rhino Nest  Pet nest rhino.gif A pleasant place to rest
Hay  Pet food hay.gif A pleasant snack (Medium Energy)
Chocolate Gazelle  Pet food chocolate gazelle.gif Sweets for your lion!

2015 Additions

As part of a global campaign focused on reviving old furniture lines, several of these lines received new furniture additions. African Savannah was one of these.

Name Image Motto
African Chair
Hand-painted Olivewood from Africa
African Table
Hand-painted Olivewood from Africa
The Rhino said...I know, we'll call it a....BONGO!


  • There were quite a few spelling errors made during the release of this furniture range. The "Baobob Tree" should actually be called "Baobab Tree" and the "Accacia Tree" should be named the "Acacia Tree".
  • The furniture range adopted the American-English spelling of 'Savanna', yet some of the furniture items have adopted the British-English spelling of 'Savannah'.

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