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Habbo in the House was a Habbo campaign that ran throughout May 2018. There was no new furniture line however Room Bundles were released that included many exclusive furniture items around the theme of the home. New rares were also released and older furniture ranges, including Kitchen, Habbo University, Gift Shop and Waasa made reappearances in the Shop.



Name Image Badge
Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner.png HIC10.gif
Ball-Jointed Doll Ball Jointed Doll.png HIC11.gif

Room Bundles

Most of the new furniture that was released during the campaign was only available in the room bundles, which were:

Exclusive Furniture

Name Image Exclusive Bundle
Laundry Basket Laundry Basket.png Habbo Laundry Bundle
Ironing Board Ironing Board.png Habbo Laundry Bundle
Dustpan and Brush Dustpan and Brush.png Habbo Laundry Bundle
Cleaning Products Cleaning Products.png Habbo Laundry Bundle
Washing Machine Washing Machine.png Habbo Laundry Bundle
Clothes Rack Clothes Rack.png Habbo Laundry Bundle
Pro Gamer Desk Gaming c18 rigpro.png Pro Gamer Bundle
Pro Gamer Chair Gaming c18 chairpro.png Pro Gamer Bundle
Pro Gamer Collection Shelves Gaming c18 gamecollection.png Pro Gamer Bundle
Pro Gamer Setup Gaming c18 setuppro.png Pro Gamer Bundle
Gamer Plushy 1 Small gaming c18 gameplush1.png Pro Gamer Bundle
Gamer Plushy 2 Small gaming c18 gameplush2.png Pro Gamer Bundle
Rubik's Cube Lampshade Gaming c18 cubelight.png Pro Gamer Bundle
HabboStation 4 Gaming c18 hs4.png Pro Gamer Bundle
HabboStation Portable Gaming c18 hswap.png Pro Gamer Bundle