Zen Garden (Furniture)

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Zen Garden
Spromo sept18 gen.png
Release date September 2018
Season N/A
Available from: MarketPlace

Zen Garden is a range of exclusive furniture that was introduced in the Zen Garden Bundle in September 2018. It is not to be confused with the Public Room Zen Garden which may have inspired the range. Later in 2020, a more lighter version of the Zen Garden has been released under the name Harmony Garden in a room bundle of the same name Harmony Garden Bundle.


Catalogue Furnitures

Name Image
Crafted Stone Bench Crafted Stone Bench.png
Crafted Stone Table Crafted Stone Table.png
Zen Rocks Mossy Zen Rocks.png
Pebbled Floor Tile Pebbled Floor Tile.png
Zen Bamboo Zen Bamboo.png
Zen Bonsai Tree Zen Bonsai Tree.png
Zen Divider Zen Divider.png
Zen Frog Statue Zen Frog Statue.png
Zen Garden Plank Zen Garden Plank.png
Zen Garden Roof Corner Zen Garden Roof Corner.png
Zen Garden Roof Zen Garden Roof.png
Zen Glass Door Zen Glass Door.png
Zen Glass Pond Zen Glass Pond.png
Zen Uplighter Zen Uplighter.png


Name Image Badge
Teal Chest of Light Teal Chest Of Light.png x
Long Wavy Locks Long Wavy Locks.png SMC05.gif
Zen Garden Fountain Zengarden r18 fountain 64 0 0.gif SMC06.gif

Teal Chest

The Teal Chest of Light was released as a rare and contained one of sixteen teal-coloured classic rares.

Amber Lamp Dragon Lamp Elephant Fountain/Birdbath Icecream Machine Laser Portal Marquee Oriental Screen Parasol Pillar Pillow Powered Fan Sleeping Bag Smoke Machine Spaceship Door
Teal Amber Lamp.png Teal Dragon Lamp.png Teal Elephant Statue.png Teal Fountain.png Teal Ice Cream Maker.png Teal Laser Portal.png Teal Marquee.png Teal Oriental Screen.png Teal Parasol.png Doric Teal Pillar.png Teal Pillow.png Teal Powered Fan.png Teal Sleeping Bag.png Teal Smoke Machine.png Teal Spaceship Door.png

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