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The Habbowood Catalogue Header.
Habbowood is a Hollywood-styled Furni range that was first released internationally in September 2007. It includes a mixture of movie theater furni items. This furniture tied in with the Habbowood movie competitions in 2006 and 2007, which allowed users to create their own movies using a Habbo-styled movie maker. Bling Furni is similar to the Habbowood range due to it's exclusive items and expensive physical appearance. In February 2011 new Furni items were released in the range, specifically aimed at theatre rooms. The only item that wasn't intentionally released for this range was the Habbowood Chair as this was renamed after the merge and although appears part of the Habbowood range it is really more adequately placed in Super Rares.

Original Set

Name Motto Image Value
Habbowood Spotlight Do not stare directly into the lights!
Hw spotlight.gif
Unknown Value
Habbowood Chair ...
Habbowood Chair.gif
Unknown Value
Habbowood Mirror All good things begin at Hair and Make-Up!
Hw mirror.gif
Unknown Value
Rope Divider Show your VIP pass!
Hw rope.gif
Unknown Value
Red Theatre Seat Try not to spill any drinks!
Hw chair.gif
Unknown Value
Marble Tile ...
Hw tile 1.gif
Unknown Value
Brown Tile ...
Hw tile 2.gif
Unknown Value
Stella Tile ...
Hw tile 3.gif
Unknown Value


Name Motto Image Value
Theater Curtains Open them up to start the show! Theater Curtain.png Unknown Value
Movie Screen The silver screen and home to movie magic. Theater screen.png Unknown Value
Glass Roof Put a shiny glass ceiling on your red carpet! Glass roof.png Unknown Value
Glass Divider Whats between you and them... Glass divider.png Unknown Value
Black Limo Back Bringing style to the back of the pack. Limo back.png Unknown Value
Black Limo Middle 1 Little in the middle but its got much back Limo middle 1.png Unknown Value
Black Limo Middle 2 Streeeetch out! Limo middle 2.png Unknown Value
Black Limo Middle 3 Every limo needs refreshments! Limo middle 3.png Unknown Value
Black Limo Front Don't forget to shine the hood Limo front.png Unknown Value
VIP Sign Who's hot... and who's not. VIP sign.png Unknown Value
Ticket Vending Booth What's showing tonight? Ticket booth.png Unknown Value
Popcorn Machine Munch & Crunch - The perfect snack for movie-goers. Popcorn machine.png Unknown Value
Movie Projector For showing home movies and Hollywood blockbusters. Projector.png Unknown Value
Black Habbowood Chair Try not to spill any drinks! Black theater seat.png Unknown Value
Green Habbowood Chair Try not to spill any drinks! Green theatre seat.png Unknown Value
Red Lobby Bench Rest your feet before the show! Red theatre bench.png Unknown Value
Black Lobby Bench Rest your feet before the show! Black theatre bench.png Unknown Value
Green Lobby Bench Rest your feet before the show! Green theatre bench.png Unknown Value
Habbowood Trophy And the winner is... Cinema trophy.png Unknown Value
Tile With a Halo Lights up when walked over Light tile.png Unknown Value
Walk of Fame Tile Go down in Habbo history! Star tile.png Unknown Value
Theater Lights Lighting up the darkness. Theatre light 1.png Unknown Value
Theater Hall Lights Follow the lights and please make your way to the seats. Theatre light 2.png Unknown Value
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