New Year 2011

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New Year 2011
Release date December 2011

New Year 2011 campaign was released during December 2011 and brought new furniture within the Catalogue. This included various Fireworks which followed on from last year. A new Countdown Building with food and beverages were also released to celebrate the New Year in style. The new furni also carried on from the Christmas Cabin range that was released. Unlike the end of 2010, Sulake decided against doing a Firework competition but did involve the Fireworks in many quests.


Furniture Name Furniture Image Furniture Motto
Fireworks Pot
Fireworks Pot.png
Double click the little button to load the panel.
Fireworks Gnome
Fireworks Gnome.png
Double click the little button to load the panel.
Fireworks Tube
Fireworks Tube.png
Double click the little button to load the panel.
Red Rocket
Red rocket.png
Double click the little button to load the panel.
Fireworks Box
Fireworks Box.png
Double click the little button to load the panel.
Single Balloon
Single Balloon.png
A party on a string!
Double Balloon
Double Balloon.png
A party on a string!
Triple Balloons
Triple Balloons.png
A party on a string!
Rare Balloon Machine
Rare Balloon Machine.gif
Double click to pick up a Balloon and some festive cheer!
Chesterfield Armchair (White, Red & Black)
White Chesterfield Armchair.png
Red Chesterfield Armchair.png
Black Chesterfield Armchair.png
Swank seating for your delicate behinds.
Chesterfield Sofa (White, Red & Black)
White Chesterfield Sofa.png
Red Chesterfield Sofa.png
Black Chesterfield Sofa.png
Swank seating for your delicate behinds.
Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate Fountain.png
Sweet, sweet heaven!
Little pieces of loveliness!
Tea's served!
Luxury Flooring
Polished Stone Floor
Polished Stone Floor.png
Luxury Flooring
Serving Table
Serving Table.png
Serves up a delicate meal.
2012 Countdown Sign
2012 Countdown Sign.png
3-2-1 .. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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