New Year 2020

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New Year 2020
Spromo ny2019.png
Release date January 2020
Season New Years
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)
Previous Campaign
Winter Palace
Next Campaign
Valentines 2020

New Year 2020 is a campaign that began at the end of December 2019 to celebrate the year ending and the beginning of 2020. Like most New Year campaigns the only new catalogue furniture was the 2020 NY Countdown and a new Gold Accessory Pack and New Year Gift Box was released. Later in the month bundles, rares and Chinese New Year furniture were released.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
2020 NY Countdown Year2020.png

2020 Waistcoat Gift Box

Ny r19 crackable.png

The 2020 Waistcoat Gift Box was released in December 2019. Instead of party hats which had been given in the previous Party Hat Gift Boxes, each box contained one of eight waistcoats.

Name Image
Gold Waistcoat Clothing r19 sparklywaist8.png
Dark Waistcoat Clothing r19 sparklywaist7.png
Purple Waistcoat Clothing r19 sparklywaist6.png
Red Waistcoat Clothing r19 sparklywaist5.png
Orange Waistcoat Clothing r19 sparklywaist4 (1).png
Green Waistcoat Clothing r19 sparklywaist3.png
Pink Waistcoat Clothing r19 sparklywaist2.png
Blue Waistcoat Clothing r19 sparklywaist1.png

Golden Accessory Pack v.5

Clothing goldpack4.png

A new Gold Accessory Pack was released.

Gold Accessories
Goldpack5 acc1.png
Goldpack5 acc2.png
Goldpack5 acc3.png
Goldpack5 acc4.png
Goldpack5 acc5.png
Goldpack5 acc6.png
Goldpack5 acc7.png
Goldpack5 acc8.png
Goldpack5 acc9.png

Chinese New Year


Name Image Badge
Starry Night Backpack Clothing r20 galaxybackpack.png SWH10.gif
Kitty Headphones Clothing r20 kittyearphones.png SWH11.gif

Room Bundles

Three new Room Bundles were released:

Three older bundles were re-released:

Exclusive Furniture

Name Image Bundle
House Keys Sweet-Home-Keys.png Sweet Home Bundle 1
Tiny Hamster Sweet-Home-Hamster.png Sweet Home Bundle 2
Diamond Heart Necklace Clothing heartnecklace.png Sweet Home Bundle 3


[HPN] Happy New Year

Name Image Name Image
New Years Trivia Level I X1926.gif New Years Trivia Level II X1927.gif
New Years Trivia Level III X1929.gif New Years Trivia Level IV X1928.gif
New Years Trivia Level V X1930.gif New Years Trivia Level VI X1931.gif

Chinese New Year Maze

Name Image Name Image
I'm halfway through the Year of the Rat maze! SWH14.gif Happy Chinese New Year 2020! SWH13.gif

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