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Dessert Cafe is a range of furniture that was introduced in the Dessert Cafe Bundle.


Exclusive Items

  • Dessert Waitress Dress (x1)
  • Dessert Waitress Ribbon (x1)
  • Dessert Maid’s Boots (x1)

Bundle Items

The item included 64 other items:

  • 4x Cafe Armchair (x4)
  • Cafe Sofa (x1)
  • Cafe Floor (x20)
  • Cafe Rugs (x3)
  • Cafe Table (x2)
  • Cafe Coffee Table (x1)
  • Cafe Window Door (x3)
  • Cafe Shelf (x4)
  • Tea Plant (x2)
  • Mochi Plate (x3)
  • Froyo Plate (x3)
  • Doughnut Plate (x4)
  • Cream Roll Plate (x3)
  • Cafe Vase (x3)
  • Cafe Wall (x8)