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Release date November 2008

The Neon Furni range was initially released in Japan, November 2008. A lot of this range are animated and change colour when double clicked. The Party Lantern and Party Lights appeared in a staff room in Sweden, December 2009.

There have been multiple extensions to the Neon Furni range. These include:

  • The "Party Lantern" and "Party Lights", which were spotted in the Swedish hotel in 2009
  • The "New Year's Light" which was spotted in January 2012.
  • The newest Neon items (i.e., Small Crates) which were introduced in the hotel on June 17th, 2010.


Below is a table with all the available neon furniture.

Name Image Motto
Pro Digital Deck PRO.png Everything you need to keep the tunes pumping.
Small Colorful Crates Small crate blue.gif Small crate green.gif Small crate pink.gif Small crate yellow.gif Surrounded by storbes.
Large Colorful Crates

Big crate blue.gif Big crate green.gif

Big crate pink.gif Big crate yellow.gif

Double the doof doof.
Party Lantern Laerntan.png Let's get this party started...
Party Lights Partylights.png Dance dance dance!
Disco Ball Discoball.png For the ultimate party!
Dance Floor Dance floor.png Boogie down!
Lava Lamp Lava lamp.gif So funky!!!
Bubble Lamp Bubble lamp.gif Light up the room in style.
Neon Chair Neonchair.png A glowing seat!
Neon Table Neondesk.png For the coolest clubs!
Party Chair Neonchair2.png Sit in style.
Party Bar Partybar.png What will it be?
Party Corner Party corner.png Build the parfect bar.
Bar Shelf Walldrinks.png Display your juice...
Party Tray Drinktray.png For the coolest refreshments.
Microphone Mic.png Shout it out loud!
DJ Table Dj Table.png For laying down your tracks.
Party Spotlight Partylights1.png Light up the dance floor!
Beamer Beamer.png Get your groove on!
Laser Laser1.png Get down to the lights...
Neon Right Arrow Sign 1.gif Good times ahead!
Neon Left Arrow Sign 2.gif The party's over here!
Flamingo Light Sign 3.gif So tropical!
LED Wall Poster Leds.gif Look at all the pretty lights.
Skull Light Sign 4.gif Gives a spooky glow...
Heart Light Sign 5.gif Let your love shine...
Large Stage Largestage.png Now is your chance! Your chance to dance!
Small Stage Smallstage.png Give your best performance.
Girls' Bathroom Sign Girls.png This way to the powder room...
Guys' Bathroom Sign Boys.png When you gotta go...

Vintage Music

The Vintage Music furniture range has now been merged with the Neon range.

Name Image Motto
Crooner Microphone Crooner.png Be-Bop-A-Lula
On Air Sign On Air Sign.png Live from the Studio!
Rockabilly Guitar Case Rockabilly Guitar Case.png On the road to Memphis, Tennessee
Vintage Vinyl Records Vintage Vinyl Records.png Top of the pops DJ set


  • The Pro Digital Deck and Heart Light are now longer listed in the Neon category in the Catalogue.
  • The Neon Left Arrow is listed in the Shop, but not in the Builders Club Catalogue.

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