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American Prairie was a campaign on Habbo that ran throughout November 2018.



Name Image Badge
Davy Crockett Cap Davy Crockett Cap.png AME05.gif
Frontier Braids Frontier Braids.png AME04.gif

North American Animals

The badge for buying all of the animals.

Six different types of North American animal rares were released, they all came with their own badge and there was also a badge for collecting all six.

Name Image Badge
Eagle Eagle.png AME06.gif
Raccoon Raccoon.png AME07.gif
Skunk Skunk.png AME08.gif
Beaver American Prairie Beaver.png AME09.gif
Opossum Opossum.png AME10.gif
Armadillo Armadillo.png AME11.gif

Room Bundles

During the campaign the Chess Set Bundle was released for the first time and the Tropical Lagoon Bundle and Santa's Office Bundle were released for a second time .

Exclusive Furniture

All of the furni in the Chess Set Bundle was exclusive to the bundle and has not been released since.

Name Image
White King Chess w king.png
Black King Chess b king.png
White Queen Chess w queen.png
Black Queen Chess b queen.png
White Knight Chess w knight.png
Black Knight Chess b knight.png
White Bishop Chess w bishop.png
Black Bishop Chess b bishop.png
White Rook Chess w rook.png
Black Rook Chess b rook.png
White Pawn Chess w pawn.png
Black Pawn Chess b pawn.png
Chess Board Tile Chess boardtile.png