November 2020

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November 2020
Spromo nov20 gen.png
Release date November 2020
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Impossible House
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Enchanted Winter Forest

November 2020 is a campaign that ran throughout November 2020. It was themed around crafting with lots of new plushies released that could be crafted. There were also new rares released and some mystery furniture items, which were previously unreleased items that had been uploaded onto the hotel years ago that were official released for the first time during the campaign.


Mystery Furniture

Three 'mystery furniture' pieces were released during the month. They were considered a mystery because unlike campaigns where the upcoming rares are announced before release these items were first revealed as soon as they appeared in the catalogue. The mystery items were also not uploaded to the hotel at the same time as the rest of the campaign furniture as they were all unreleased items that had been uploaded years ago but never officially released. This was not the first time that Habbo had released unreleased items during the year, the Vintage Sofa and Vintage Armchair were also previously unreleased before becoming New Rares in August and September. Most of the mystery furniture from this campaign however were not considered rare and were available for longer than a typical New Rare so could possibly be released again. The White Parasol is considered rare though so will not be released again, possibly because it is a recolour of the classic parasol rares. The mystery items cost 4 Credits and 10 Diamonds.

Name Image
Duck Poster Pixel poster2 name.png
Plain Office Sofa House sofa.png
Mysterious_trophy Mysterious trophy.png
White Parasol Rare colourable parasol 5.gif


The main feature of this campaign was a large Crafting system that had a total of 48 different animal plushies available to create. There were three animals available, a bear, rabbit or lion and each one could be created in one of four colours, brown, blue, pink or rainbow. Habbos could also create a bow, scarf or flower crown accessory and add them onto a plushie. To create the plushies and accessories Habbos would need a Plushie Crafting Table. A Plushie Crafting Box could be purchased which included the ingredients.


Name Image
Plushie Crafting Table Plushie c20 fluffmachine.png
Plushie Crafting Box Plushie c20 crackable.png
Blue Dye Plushie c20 dyeblue.png
Brown Dye Plushie c20 dyeneutral.png
Pink Dye Plushie c20 dyepink.png
Rainbow Dye Plushie c20 dyerainbow.png
Rough Fabric Plushie c20 fabric1.png
Light Fabric Plushie c20 fabric2.png
Dark Fabric Plushie c20 fabric3.png
Plushie Scarf Plushie c20 scarf.png
Plushie Stuffing Plushie c20 stuffing.png
Plushie Flower Crown Plushie c20 flowercrown.png
Plushie Bow Plushie c20 bow.png


Name Image
Blue Bear Plushie c20 bluebear.png
Blue Scarf Bear Plushie c20 bluebear1.png
Blue Bow Bear Plushie c20 bluebear2.png
Blue Flower Crown Bear Plushie c20 bluebear3.png
Brown Bear Plushie c20 brownbear.png
Brown Scarf Bear Plushie c20 brownbear1.png
Brown Bow Bear Plushie c20 brownbear2.png
Brown Flower Crown Bear Plushie c20 brownbear3.png
Pink Bear Plushie c20 pinkbear.png
Pink Scarf Bear Plushie c20 pinkbear1.png
Pink Bow Bear Plushie c20 pinkbear2.png
Pink Flower Crown Bear Plushie c20 pinkbear3.png
Rainbow Bear Plushie c20 rainbowbear.png
Rainbow Scarf Bear Plushie c20 rainbowbear1.png
Rainbow Bow Bear Plushie c20 rainbowbear2.png
Rainbow Flower Crown Bear Plushie c20 rainbowbear3.png


Name Image
Blue Lion Plushie c20 bluelion.png
Blue Scarf Lion Plushie c20 bluelion1.png
Blue Bow Lion Plushie c20 bluelion2.png
Blue Flower Crown Lion Plushie c20 bluelion3.png
Brown Lion Plushie c20 brownlion.png
Brown Bow Lion Plushie c20 brownlion1.png
Brown Scarf Lion Plushie c20 brownlion2.png
Brown Flower Crown Lion Plushie c20 brownlion3.png
Pink Lion Plushie c20 pinklion.png
Pink Scarf Lion Plushie c20 pinklion1.png
Pink Bow Lion Plushie c20 pinklion2.png
Pink Flower Crown Lion Plushie c20 pinklion3.png
Rainbow Lion Plushie c20 rainbowlion.png
Rainbow Scarf Lion Plushie c20 rainbowlion1.png
Rainbow Bow Lion Plushie c20 rainbowlion2.png
Rainbow Flower Crown Lion Plushie c20 rainbowlion3.png


Name Image
Blue Bunny Plushie c20 bluebunny.png
Blue Scarf Bunny Plushie c20 bluebunny1.png
Blue Bow Bunny Plushie c20 bluebunny2.png
Blue Flower Crown Bunny Plushie c20 bluebunny3.png
Brown Bunny Plushie c20 brownbunny.png
Brown Scarf Bunny Plushie c20 brownbunny1.png
Brown Bow Bunny Plushie c20 brownbunny2.png
Brown Flower Crown Bunny Plushie c20 brownbunny3.png
Pink Bunny Plushie c20 pinkbunny.png
Pink Scarf Bunny Plushie c20 pinkbunny1.png
Pink Bow Bunny Plushie c20 brownbunny2.png
Pink Flower Crown Bunny Plushie c20 pinkbunny3.png
Rainbow Bunny Plushie c20 rainbowbunny.png
Rainbow Scarf Bunny Plushie c20 rainbowbunny1.png
Rainbow Bow Bunny Plushie c20 rainbowbunny2.png
Rainbow Flower CrownBunny Plushie c20 rainbowbunny3.png


Name Image Badge
Winter Bear Accessories Clothing r20 bearset.png BAB05.png
Bear Backpack Clothing r20 teddybpack 64 a 0 0.png BAB06.png
Cosy Hammock Plushie r20 hammock.png BAB07.png
Ancient Oak Table Plushie r20 picnictree 64 a 0 0.png BAB08.png

Room Bundles

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