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Release date 2008
Season Summer
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club

The Tiki range appears similar to those of Country and The Wild due to its brown colour and rugged texture. The Tiki range has been on Habbo since Summer 2008, but the Tiki Gate was not released until the 29th February 2012, when it appeared in the "New Items" and "Dividers" section of the catalogue for 1 Credit. The Tiki range is also the only selection of furniture that contains a Parasol which isn't Rare (such as the Violet Parasol).


2008 Release

Name Image Motto
Tiki Toucan
Tiki Toucan.gif
Tiki Statue
Tiki Statue.gif
Gaze into the eyes of...
Tiki Jungle Rug
Tiki Jungle Rug.gif
Perfect rug to lay over the sand.
Tiki Sand Rug
Tiki Sand Patch.gif
Wiggle your Habbo toes in the sand!
Tiki Wallplant
Tiki Wallplant.gif
Adds a nice refreshing smell to the room.
Tiki Butterflies
Tiki Butterflies.gif
Try to catch them...
Tiki Tray Empty
Tiki Tray Empty.gif
After the great Luau!
Tiki Tray with Fruit
Tiki Tray with Fruit.gif
Yummy tropical fruit!
Tiki Tray with Pineapple
Tiki Tray with Pineapple.gif
The best tropical fruit ever!
Tiki Tray with Fish
Tiki Tray with Fish.gif
Fresh catch of the day!
Tiki Tray with Pig's Head
Tiki Tray with Pig's Head.gif
The perfect Luau feast!
Tiki Parasol
Tiki Parasol.gif
Perfect to help protect you from the sun.
Tiki Bar Desk
Tiki Bar Desk.gif
The perfect place to set your tropical drinks!
Tiki Bar Corner
Tiki Bar Corner.gif
Perfect addition to your Tiki Bar Desk.
Tiki Bar Stool
Tiki Bar Stool.gif
Relax your Hula dancing feet!
Tiki Surfboard
Tiki Surfboard.gif
Surfs UP!
Tiki Torch
Tiki Torch.gif
To help light your way.
Tiki Waterfall
Tiki Waterfall.gif
Sit and let the sound of falling water put you into relaxation!
Tiki Gate
Tiki Gate.gif

2015 Additions

As part of a global campaign during 2015, which focused on reviving old furniture lines, several new furniture items were added to these lines. Tiki was one of these lines.

Name Image Motto
Tiki Lei
You've been lei'd
Tiki Moss Wall
Not suitable for climbing.
Tiki Teleport
Hula your way to another world.

Festive Tiki

Festive Tiki
Release date December 2014
Season Winter
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club

As part of the Christmas 2014 global campaign, new items of Tiki furniture were released under the theme of "Jamaican-styled" Christmas celebrations and came to be known Festive Tiki. 22 items were included within this range and several other Tiki-stlye furniture items were released as Bonus Rares

Name Image Motto
Beach Recliner
Get the sand off your toes.
Festive Tiki Curved Fence
Crafted from the finest island woods.
Beach Hut Stage
No sandy toes for you
Tiki Bar
Take a tiki break.
Beach Hut tent
Escape from the sun.
Festive Tiki Fence
Crafted from the finest island woods.
Festive Tiki Bar
Take a tiki break.
Beach Hut Stage
No sandy toes for you
Sunny the Sad Snowman
I'm meltiinngggggg
Beach Hut teleport
Totally radical, mannn.
Festive Tiki Fence Corner
Crafted from the finest island woods.
Surfboard Table
Surf the waves at dinner time.
Sun Beams
Here comes the sun...
White Sand with Baubles
Christmas washed ashore
Festive Tiki Fence Gate
Crafted from the finest island woods.
Surfboard Chair
Curved board for comfy sittin'
Tiki Fence Gate
Crafted from the finest island woods.
String Lights
Bright, brighter, blinky, blinker.
String Lights
Bright, brighter, blinky, blinker.
Starfish Wall Light
You might even call it a...Patrick Starfish Light.
Christmas in a jiffy.
Christmas Palm
Falling coconuts will make you see lights.
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