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Release date: August 2018
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Summer 2018
Next Campaign:
Zen Garden

Tokyo is a furniture range and Hotel campaign that ran throughout August 2018. During the campaign, older Japanese ranges such as Japan and Ancient Japan were made available.

A new furniture line of items inspired by the city of Tokyo was released in the shop and four new Room Bundles around the theme were created to show off the new range. Six new items of clothing were able to be crafted using Plushies. Four new rares and the limited edition Shiba Inu Puppy was released along with a badge for buying them.


Catalogue Furniture

The following new furniture items were released during this campaign.

Name Image
Tokyo Toy Shop Tokyo Toy Shop.png
Tokyo Shopfront Tokyo Shopfront.png
Tokyo Shop Display Tokyo Shop Display.png
Tokyo Building Tokyo Building.png
Future Tokyo Bike Future Tokyo Bike.png
Tokyo Sakura Tree Tokyo Sakura Tree.png
Tokyo Drink Vendor Tokyo Drink Vendor.png
Tokyo Bug Vendor Tokyo Bug Vendor.png
Yellow Arcade Machine Yellow Arcade Machine.png
Purple Arcade Machine Purple Arcade Machine.png
Racing Arcade Machine Racing Arcade Machine.png
Big Mouth Billboard Big Mouth Billboard.png
Tokyo Pylon Tokyo Pylon.png
Tokyo Snack Shack Tokyo Snack Shack.png
Tokyo Snack Display Tokyo Snack Display.png
Tokyo Snack Parlour Tokyo Snack Parlour.png
Tokyo Snack Rack Tokyo Snack Rack.png
Neon Tokyo Sign Neon Tokyo Sign.png
Tokyo Snack Sign Tokyo Snack Sign.png
Tokyo Trellis Tokyo Trellis.png
Neon Akihabara Sign Neon Akihabara Sign.png
Tokyo Lanterns Tokyo Lanterns.png
Tokyo Pavement Tokyo Pavement.png
Tokyo Road Tokyo Road.png
Tokyo Street Lamps Tokyo Street Lamps.png
Tokyo Railing Tokyo Railing.png
Tokyo Magazine Rack Tokyo Magazine Rack.png
Dino Balloon Dino Balloon.png
Tokyo Poster Tokyo Poster.png
Tokyo Food Poster Tokyo Food Poster.png


Throughout August, a new crackable piece of furniture - the Gacha Machine - was made available for purchase, along with a new crafting table, the Toolbot. New items of clothing were available through a new crafting system.

Name Image
Toolbot (Crafting Table) Toolbot (crafting table).png
Gacha Machine Gacha Machine.png

10 different plushies were available from the Gacha machine, this could either be collected or used in crafting.

Name Image
Unicorn Plushy Unicorn Plushy.png
Piggy Plushy Piggy Plushy.png
Kitten Plushy Kitten Plushy.png
Fluffy Plushy Fluffy Plushy.png
Happy Milk Plushy Happy Milk Plushy.png
Cupcake Plushy Cupcake Plushy.png
Dino Plushy Dino Plushy.png
Doggo Plushy Doggo Plushy.png
RoboCat Plushy RoboCat Plushy.png
RoboBoy Plushy RoboBoy Plushy.png

Using the Toolbot crafting system, the plushies from the crackable could be used to make new clothing items.

Name Image Crafting Recipe
Harajuku Hair Harajuku Hair.png Unicorn Plushy (x2) + Piggy Plushy (x2)
Harajuku Bow Harajuku Bow.png Kitten Plushy (x2) + Fluffy Plushy (x2)
Sakura Jacket Sakura Jacket.png Happy Milk Plushy (x2) + Cupcake Plushy (x2)
RoboBoy Face RoboBoy Face.png RoboBoy Plushy (x2) + RoboCat Plushy (x2)
Anime Hair Anime Hair.png Doggo Plushy (x2) + Dino Plushy (x2)
Dragon Plushy Cap Dragon Plushy Cap.png Unicorn Plushy (x1) + Piggy Plushy (x1) + Kitten Plushy (x1) + Fluffy Plushy (x1) + Happy Milk Plushy (x1) + Cupcake Plushy (x1) + Dino Plushy (x1) + Doggo Plushy (x1) + RoboCat Plushy (x1) + RoboBoy Plushy (x1)


Four new rares were released during this campaign, two of which were wearable items.

Name Image Badge
Kitty Backpack Kitty Backpack.png TKY04.gif
Ancient Maple Tree Ancient Maple Tree.png TKY03.gif
Kitsune Mask Kitsune Mask.png TKY05.gif
Koi Carp Kites Koi Carp Kites.png TKY02.gif

Limited Edition Rares

The Shiba Inu Puppy Limited Edition Rare was released toward the end of the campaign.

Name Image Badge
Shiba Inu Puppy Shiba Inu Puppy.png TKY01.gif

Room Bundles

Four new Room Bundles were released. Most showcased the new Tokyo furni available in the catalogue, however no exclusive items were included.