O.B Pillow

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O.B Pillow
Ob pillow.gif
Release date December 2008 (Habbo.nl Only)

The O.B Pillow is an furni on Habbo.nl related to the tampon brand and was giving out to the winners who answered a question. Habbo gave out 1500 of these pillows. This promotion was primarily aimed at women. Clicking on the O.B® Billboard Lead you to the official website where you could request a free trial package.

It was first spotted in the O.B® Pyjama Party room, as well as the Billboard. The room had a password on it but habbos managed to crack the password and gain access to the room. The password to the room was 23pyjama45

The O.B® Logo has eventually been removed on April 23, 2009, while habbo stated that the logo would be removed officially on April the 2nd, 2009.