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Release date Unknown
Season None
Available from: Catalogue

Spaces is a category of furniture within the catalogue. It allows users to add Wall, Floor and Landscape to their rooms, and can also be used to help "black out" an entire room via the use of a Moodlight (see the Tricks and bugs page).

The Spaces category can be access under the 'Furni By Line' section of the catalogue and is regarded as a fairly "classic" furniture category, due to it being an original feature of the catalogue. The Landscape decorations are the most recent addition to the line, back in August 2008, and have only received one update since they were first introduced, which were the addition of four new views.

The most popular combination are red walls and red floors, this is because you can use a Mood Light and put it on the color dark blue to make the whole room black. This effect was used by many habbo's for such rooms like casinos and mazes, and still used for other rooms.

However, Wallpapers are no longer essential for users to "black out" their room. An update in Habbo Club Room Settings now allows users to hide the room walls by ticking a box. Although the red flooring is still needed.


Image Credits
1.png 3Crediticon.png
2.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall3.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall4.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall5.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall6.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall7.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall8.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall9.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall10.png 3 Crediticon.png
Wall11.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall12.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall13.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall14.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall15.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall16.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall17.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall18.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall19.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall20.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall21.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall22.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall23.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall24.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall25.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall26.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall27.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall28.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall29.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall30.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall31.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall32.png 3Crediticon.png
Wall33.png 3Crediticon.png


Image Credits
Floor StartroomBrown.png 2Crediticon.png
Floor StartroomGray.png 2Crediticon.png
Floor StartroomBlue.png 2Crediticon.png
Floor StartroomPink.png 2Crediticon.png
Floor StartroomOrange.png 2Crediticon.png
Floor StartroomKaki.png 2Crediticon.png
Floor StartroomYellow.png 2Crediticon.png
Floor StartroomGreen.png 2Crediticon.png
Floor StartroomSky.png 2Crediticon.png
Floor StartroomWhite.png 2Crediticon.png
Spaces FloorStartRoomStandard.png 2Crediticon.png
Spaces FloorAquaStriped.png 2Crediticon.png
Spaces FloorFleshDots.png 2Crediticon.png
Spaces FloorRedDots.png 2Crediticon.png


Ducket views

Name Image Duckets
Cityscape 1 Landscape01CityScape.png 150 Ducketicon.png
Coast 1 Landscape01Coast.png 150 Ducketicon.png
Mountain Top 1 Landscape01MountainTop.png 150 Ducketicon.png
Forest 1 Landscape01Forest.png 150 Ducketicon.png
White Clouds 1 Landscape01WhiteClouds.png 150 Ducketicon.png
Dark Clouds 1 Landscape01DarkClouds.png 150 Ducketicon.png
Alhambra 1 Landscape01Alhambra.png 150 Ducketicon.png
Moon Hills 1 Landscape01MoonHills.png 150 Ducketicon.png
Arabian 1 Landscape01Arabian.png 150 Ducketicon.png
Under Water Landscape01UnderWater.png 150 Ducketicon.png
Audience Landscape01Audience.png 150 Ducketicon.png
Landscape01NameLess.png 150 Ducketicon.png

Credit Views

Name Image Credits

(2 to 7)

Landscapes CityscapesAnim.gif 3Crediticon.png
Mountain Top

(2 to 7)

Landscapes MountainTopsAnim.gif 3Crediticon.png
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