Dubbelfrisss Machine

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Dubbelfrisss Machine
BrandedFurni Dubbelfrisss.png
Release date May 2012 (Habbo.nl Only)
The 'Apple & Peach Dubbelfriss'

The Dubbelfrisss Machine is a furni on Habbo.nl handed out to the winners of a quiz. It's currently untradable

It is a machine which dispenses only one small Hand Item the Appel & Perzik Dubbelfrisss (Wich translate to: Apple & Peach Dubbelfrisss) Habbo.nl had 1000 of these machines available, But it is unknown how much of these machines are in the hotel.

Known Examples

Here are confirmed owners of The Dubbelfrisss Machine on Habbo.nl.

Owner Quantity Last Updated
 !...Sebastiaan...! 1 15-Oct-2019
Richard54 2 15-Oct-2019
Thepedro4 1 15-Oct-2019
yari07 1 16-Oct-2019


  • Dubbelfrisss is a juice brand in The Netherlands
  • It resembles The Moodi Machine
  • It is unknown why Richard54 has 2 machines, habbo only handed out 1 per winner
  • Unlike other furni, the icon of the Dubbelfrisss Machine is the logo of the brand
  • People got a badge When entering the dubbelfrisss guestroom