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ING Trophy
Ing Trophy.gif
Release date June 2008 ( Only)

The ING Trophy is a furni in and given out in 2008 during the European Championships. The trophy could be won in two ways: via a form in the Stadium and the ING Supporters battle


Especially for the EK 2008, The Stadium was turned into the ING EK Stadium. Habbo's who visited the room could win one of the 10.000 ING Trophies by going into the stadium and fill out a competition form. the first 10.000 habbos who submitted the form with the correct answers won a ING Trophy.

ING Supporters Battle

The ING Supporters Battle was the overall name for 3 competitions. Habbos had to be in a group in order to win. The 4 groups had to compete against each other, everytime they won a competition they received points.


  • Pixels United
  • The Cheerleaders
  • Bizznizz Bobo's
  • Habboranjes

First Competition: Come up with a Yell

Habbo's had to come up with a Yell for their team. The winners were chosen individual for their teams

Winner Team Yell
-Sander!7 Pixels United Glory, Glory Pixels United!..UNITED *klap,klap,klap* UNITED *klap,klap,klap*
Emmerrrrrrr Bizznizz Bobo's Bizznizz Bobo's gaan het maken, Bobo's doen oranjezaken!
..Margot... Cheerleaders B-lange-ij-z-ondergoed, Cheerleaders zijn bijzondergoed!
red-razor Habboranjes De Habboranjes weten het wel, plezier maken dat is het beste spel!

Second competition

Last Competition: The Coziest Floor

The last competition consisted of 2 categories.

Group Competition

The supporters group had to build and organize something in their group room The Group room that staff members Nimiq and Crowley liked the most got 4 points. the second room got 3 points and so on..

Winners Points
Habboranjes 10 Points
Individual Competition

Not only had the group build a group room, also the individuals in the group had to build a themed room. The staff choose the a room per group that suits the group room the best. The owners of the winning rooms won a ING Trophy. These were given out in the ING EK Stadium.

Winner Group
!!!!t!m0!!!! Habboranjes
-Katrien-Druk- Cheerleaders
---sybren--- Pixels United
Over-sight Bizznizz Bobo's

The final winners of the ING Supporters Battle were the Habboranjes


Name Description Image
ING Badge Alle Habbo’s die zich voor 30 juni 2008 hadden aangesloten bij de Habboranjes NLH.gif


  • The badge was only temporary, it has been deleted.
  • Although it's a exclusive furni, it does exist in, and can be found in the HWC 2014 Press Room from KitchenNinjette


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