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Movie Madness was a campaign that ran throughout April 2018. The theme was film-making and movie sets. No new furniture range was released except for four new movie related rares but some old ranges made a comeback. New room bundles were released based on Wild Wild West, Army Bootcamp, Jurassic Habbo and Prison and they included exclusive clothing items. These ranges were also made available in the shop along with Habbowood, TV Studio, Country, African Savannah, Vikings, Pirates, Mystics, Steampunk, Urban and Automobile.



Name Image Badge
Film Star's Trailer Film Star's Trailer.png MSC05.gif
Mobile Film Camera Mobile Film Camera.png MSC06.gif
Director's Buggy Director's Buggy.png MSC07.gif
Catcopter Catcopter.png MSC08.gif

Room Bundles

During the campaign the Wild West Bar Bundle, Military Camp Bundle, Jurassic Jungle Bundle and Police Force Bundle were released.

Exclusive Furniture

Name Image Exclusive Bundle
Wild West Poncho Indian Poncho.png Wild West Bar Bundle
Action Hero Outfit Action Hero Outfit.png Military Camp Bundle
Yeti Feet Yeti Feet.png Jurassic Jungle Bundle
Inmate Overalls Inmate Overalls.png Police Force Bundle


Room Competition: Redesign Wild West Bundle


Due to feedback about the design of the Wild West Bar Bundle a competition was announced where Habbos could submit a redesigned version of the bundle. They could only add or subtract 10 items of furniture and could change the layout. One winner won a Wild West Bar Bundle, 14 days of Builders Club, a badge and a Turtle. 9 runners up received 7 days of Habbo Club, 31 days of Builders Club, a badge and a Turtle.

The winner was Frission

The runners up were:

  • Axb
  • AussieGrown
  • PrinzessinJona
  • VinnyLovesYou
  • imJoergen
  • Ejvind11
  • LuxuriousStyle
  • asia-g
  • kovsky.

Bonnie's Big Movie Audtion

For this competitions Habbo recreated a famous movie or TV scene and were to use Wired to make a bot of Bonnie Blonde to act out the scene. The winner won a [[|Trophies|Trophy]], 1 month of Builders Club and 7 days of Habbo Club. 8 runners up received 1 month of Builders Club and 7 days of [[Habbo Club].

The winner was LacedJeans and kalesalad

The runners up were:

  • Kespia
  • sweet-shaza
  • Frission & Matters
  • Marinetti
  • websit & kely,au
  • Dracco.
  • Cinoplex
  • hini