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Note: This account was not transferred during the 2010 merge or was deleted during an account clearout and either belongs to another user or is inactive.
Joined habbo: 2001
Former Habbo Staff
Role(s): Hotel Manager
Director of Site Production
Director of User Experience
Community Director

ione, also known as Rebecca "Ribs" Susiaho Norman, was Habbo UK's first hotel manager, and possibly one of the most well known Hotel Managers in its history. She chose her name simply on how nice it sounded when pronounced correctly (i-oh-nee), though many users misinterpreted this as (i-own). Ione shaped the role of manager as the figurehead for the facáde of staff operations in relations to users. Back then, each staff member were either UK nationals based in London, or Finnish technicians or creators working at the Sulake offices, Helsinki. The staff were more open and personal in the view of users, mostly as the community compromised an older and technically minded community pre-expansion. When logging into the hotel, new users were greeted with an automated Console message from ione.

Rebecca joined Sulake officially as Editor on May 1st, 2001. Previous to this, she had worked in real-world editing and as Editor Manager at At Sulake, she quickly became Community Director , and with it, the Habbo UKs first official hotel manager. By this time, she was responsible for all community activities and external promotions of the brand. Her work included involvement with the newer international hotels, she was user #11 on the German hotel after it opened in August 2001. When she was eventually replaced by the next Hotel Manager, Jibbi, she remained responsible behind-the-scenes for community management, moderation, safety in the hotel and customer services. In September 2006, she became Director of User Experience. This gave her responsibility for all community managers and site producers of all the hotels worldwide, with a remaining focus on marketing the brand externally. Later focussing on site production, creating in-game events, community management and content for the site - she became Director of Site Production in August 2007, a role she stayed in until her departure from Sulake in January 2009.[1]

Post-Sulake, she has been involved with as Online Director, before moving into freelance editorial service work, operating from her own website and company, Wolfplain[2], as well as creating bespoke hand-made scarves for order.[3]

Habbo Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Director of Site Production 2007 Jan 2009
Director of User Experience 2006 2007
Community Director May 2001 2006
Editor May 2001 June 2001

Ione's Gift

Ione became best known for her birthday gift, an allocation of one present per-Habbo who logged in on the date of her birthday, this contained three (then) unreleased items, either a Throne, Russian Samovar or Holoboy. Since their release, these three items became the first rares, the Throne later becoming iconic as the high-value currency (alongside HC sofas) - that controlled the market for rare values for years, prior to the release of Credit Furni.

Users with room rights were able to drop presents in other people's rooms up until late 2002, and as a result multiple Ione's Gifts could be collected onto one account. It is extremely rare to see any of these gifts remaining today though, let alone multiples!

Known Examples

There are a small number of these gifts still viewable in-client. As many versions have gone by since their gifting, a code error now exists on the present label (as in the image to the right) - which allows users to see the original furniture inside:

Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client) Number Owner Status Updated
dump Holoboy Gift 1 P1ckle Inactive 24-Jan-2022