Jade Fountain

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Jade Birdbath
Release date: July 2003 (.com)
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Jade Fountain (formerly known as Jade Birdbath) is one of the Fountains. It has been released via competitions, the Catalogue and was even spotted in various Habbo staff rooms. It is in the Classical Rares section along with the Granite Fountain, the Blue Kimberlite Fountain and the Grey Fountain.


The first time we saw this rare was July 2003 on the United Kingdom hotel and the most recent release was when it was released as a competition prize in July 2009 on the Denmark hotel.

The only hotel the Rare wasn't available on was the Canadian one due to it not being available pre-merge. However, the Singapore and Italy hotels had staff owned rooms displaying these Rares as opposed to releasing them.


  • On January 22nd 2005, the Jade Fountain was released along with a number of other super rares, normal rares and seasonals in a catalogue page called Palsternakka for around five minutes.