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On the 22nd January 2005[1], a strange new section appeared in the Habbo catalogue of the UK hotel named Palsternakka. This had five pages worth of Christmas and Halloween seasonals, as well as previously sold normal rares available to buy again. Controversially, there were even super rares (items never available in the catalogue, prizes etc only) and unreleased furniture (the 'Tower' trophies) - that had only been spotted in staff rooms previously.


The mysterious section had five pages, with items ranging from 1 to 25 Credits. It stayed in the Catalogue for around five minutes. Naturally, the few Habbos who spotted this had managed to buy many rares, super and unreleased items by then.

Controversy following this release was rife, with no-one knowing the reason behind it. Rumours abounded claiming that it was simply a drive for credit sales by the UK office, as a similar release had happened on the Finnish hotel previously.

'Plasternakka' is a Finnish word meaning 'Parsnip' - the description for the catalogue section underneath was Lorem Ipsum[2], a meaningless latin-esque set of text that is often used by graphic designers as a placeholder for future, relevant text.[3]


The market for rare valuation was quite well entrenched by this time. Habbox had been leading in this since 2004[4], many users relied on valuations on fansites to known how much their super rares were worth. After this, many supers and rares fell in value, whilst a few lucky Habbos had bought unreleased Tower trophies for just 15 credits, they soon went up to a much higher value. In-time the market recovered, there has not been another accidental release on this scale since.


The numbers aside furniture in the images here indicate their price in Credits: