Christmas Cabin Bundle

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Christmas Cabin Bundle
Theme: Christmas Cabin
Total items: 68
Exclusive items: Reindeer Topiary
Release price: 99 Credits
Release Dates
Release date: 23 November 2015

The Christmas Cabin Bundle, also known as the Cozy Cabin Bundle was a Furniture Bundle released on Habbo in November 2015.

The room included 2 exclusive Reindeer Topiary - other topiaries being available from other bundles during the month.

The room was split into two sections, an outside wintery scene and a cabin indoors with a feast laid out. The room was made with Christmas Cabin and Christmas 2009 furniture.

The bundle was sold for 99 Credits.


Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 1037 Habbos on the International .com Hotel have this badge.


Exclusive Items

The following items were exclusive to this bundle.

  • Deer Topiary (x2)
Name Image
Deer Topiary

Bundle Items

There were 67 items included in the bundle:

  • Snowboard Patch (x8)
  • Cobbled Path (x2)
  • Cabin Wooden Floor
  • Cabin Stone Floor (x16)
  • Xmas Tree Wall (x2)
  • Snow Forest Wall (x1)
  • Lodge Wall (x3)
  • Cabin Wall (x4)
  • Red Striped Bauble (x1)
  • Tall Blue Striped Bauble (x1)
  • Yellow Heart Bauble (x1)
  • White Striped Bauble (x1)
  • Green White Bauble (x1)
  • Green Striped Bauble (x1)
  • Tall White Bauble (x1)
  • Tall Yellow Striped Bauble (x1)
  • White Bauble (x1)
  • Moose Head (x1)
  • Cuckoo's Clock (x1)
  • Snowy Rail (x2)
  • Cabin Divider (x3)
  • Reindeer Topiary (x2)
  • Pirate Teleport (x1)
  • Red Wooden Cabin Bench (x3)
  • Cabin Firewood (x2)
  • Cabin Footstool with Fur Cover (x1)
  • Beige Cozy Cabin Chair (x1)
  • Holiday Bench (x2)
  • Holiday Table (x2)