Serenity Spa Bundle

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Serenity Spa Bundle
Number of items 196
Price 99 Credits
Release Dates
Original Release Date 05 February 2014

The Serenity Spa Bundle was a Room Bundle released in February 2014 for the valentines campaign Health Spa. The bundle cost 99 Credits at the time. Note that the picture shows only the base of the room. Habbo put some of the mentioned furniture high up in the sky.



Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 381 Habbos have this badge.


Bundle Items

The bundle came with 196 items, including:

  • Small Green Spa Tile (x70)
  • Small Blue Spa Tile (x62)
  • Large Ceramic Spa Tile (x18)
  • Blue Spa Roof (x10)
  • Big Leaf Plant (x6)
  • Calming Tree (x6)
  • Blue Exterior Wall (x5)
  • Blue USVA Sofa (x4)
  • Treatment Chair (x4)
  • Sliding Glass Doors (x3)
  • Blue Form Recliner (x2)
  • Blue USVA Chair (x2)
  • Marble Foot Bath (x2)
  • Narcissus Plant (x2)