Serenity Health Spa Bundle

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Serenity Health Spa Bundle
Theme Spa Days
Number of items 149
Price 199 Credits
Release Dates
Original Release Date 11 May 2020

The Serenity Health Spa Bundle was a Furniture Bundle released in May 2020 during the Spa Days campaign.

The bundle was sold for 199 Credits.



Every user who purchased the bundle received a badge

According to Habbowidgets, 175 Habbos have this badge.


Bundle Items

There were 149 items included in the bundle:

  • Sunlight City Wall (x4)
  • Turquoise Divan (x2)
  • Shelf Plants (x1)
  • Tokyo Railing (x1)
  • Relaxation Stones (x2)
  • Tiki Lei (x1)
  • Conservatory Coffee Table (x1)
  • jp__wall name (x3)
  • School Water Fountain (x1)
  • Hot Tub (x1)
  • Winter Stage Stairs (x3)
  • Violet Candle (x1)
  • Swamp Fod (x3)
  • White Wicker Throne (x1)
  • Sakura Petals (x1)
  • Beach Hut Stage (x3)
  • City Street Corner (x3)
  • Pebbled Floor (x10)
  • Stacked Plants (x1)
  • Sun Beams (x2)
  • Tiki Bar Stool (x1)
  • Water Lilly Pond Tile (x2)
  • Japanese Wooden Deck (x8)
  • Tiki Waterfall (x1)
  • Sunlight City Pavement (x6)
  • School Florring (x4)
  • Marble Foot Bath (x1)
  • Floating Water Lilies (x1)
  • Beach Shower (x1)
  • Treatment Chair (x2)
  • Tiki Tray Empty (x1)
  • Relaxation Wall (x5)
  • Manga Magazines (x1)
  • Incense (x1)
  • Prison Sones (x1)
  • Winter City Sweets (x1)
  • Muddy Floor (x1)
  • Basalt Rock (x1)
  • Conservatory Tea Set (x2)
  • Orchid (x1)
  • White Marble Floor (x8)
  • Conservatory Floor (x4)
  • Blue Spa Tile (x2)
  • City Street Divider (x6)
  • Coal (x2)
  • Tatami Table (x1)
  • Bamboo Wall (x4)
  • Sunlight City Plant (x1)
  • Pink Festival Cushion (x1)
  • Tokyo Trellis (x4)
  • Rock Seat (x1)
  • Orange Spa Wall (x4)
  • White Candles (x2)
  • Tiki Mossa Wall (x3)
  • White Bling (x1)