Student in Tokyo Bundle

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Student in Tokyo Bundle
Theme: Dorm
Total items: 63
Exclusive items: Turquoise Coffee Table
Release price: 99 Credits
Release Dates
Release date: 05 August 2016

The Student in Tokyo Bundle was a Furniture Bundle released on Habbo in August 2016 as part of the Habbo 15 campaign.

The bundle was sold for 99 Credits.


Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 367 Habbos have this badge.


Exclusive Items

The following exclusive items were included in this bundle.

  • Turquoise Coffee Table (x2)
Name Image
Turquoise Coffee Table

Bundle Items

There were 61 other items included in the bundle:

  • Romantique Dresser (x1)
  • Sloppy Bed (x1)
  • Large Tatami Rug (x3)
  • Small Tatami Rug (x3)
  • Japanese Sky Lantern (x1)
  • Turquoise Divan (x2)
  • Turquoise Grand Piano (x1)
  • Trashcan (x1)
  • Romantique Tray (x2)
  • Dorm Desk (x1)
  • HabBook Pro (x1)
  • Dorm Chair (x2)
  • Daruma Doll (x1)
  • Japanese Lantern (x1)
  • Irori Table (x1)
  • Mini Fridge (x1)
  • Turquoise Screen (x3)
  • Romantique Lamp (x1)
  • Uni Lamp (x1)
  • Dorm Nightstand (x1)
  • Colour Cube (x1)
  • Shiki Futon (x1)
  • Uni Bench (x2)
  • Floppy Disk Poster (x1)
  • Messy Wardrobe (x1)
  • Shelf Corner (x1)
  • UFOware Desktop (x1)
  • Turquoise Piano Chair (x2)
  • Tetsubin Teapot (x1)
  • Romantique Wall (x2)
  • Romantique Mirrortable (x1)
  • Arabian Tile (x12)
  • Teamaker (x1)
  • Games (x1)
  • Plushy Pile (x1)
  • Turquoise Tray Table (x1)
  • Cat Rug (x1)
  • Turquoise Chair (x1)