Eurovision Deal

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Eurovision Deal
Total items: 21
Exclusive items: Norwegian Flag
Release price: 59 Credits
Release Dates
Release date: 27 May 2010

The Eurovision Deal was a furniture bundle released on in May 2010. It was part of the Thursday Deals which were only available on between 2010 and 2011. The bundle was made because The Netherlands send Sieneke to the Eurovision Songcontest with her song: Ik Ben Verliefd (Sja-la-lie) (I'm In Love (Sha-la-lie)). It was made up out of Neon furniture and contained an exclusive Norwegian Flag.

The Bundle was available for 59 Credits.


Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets 154 have this badge.


Exclusive Items

This deal came with the following exclusive items:

  • Norwegian Flag (x1)


Bundle Items

The bundle had 21 items of furniture including:

  • Dancefloor (x9)
  • Party Lights (x5)
  • Scorebord (x1)
  • Disco Ball (x1)
  • Microphone (x1)
  • Beamer (x1)
  • Dutch Flag (x1)
  • Belgium Flag (x1)
  • European Flag (x1)


  • Habbo made a funny pun on the homepage of the deal, under the Bundle items habbo put the sentence: Sjalalie, Sjala... ah Bobba, daar ga ik weer! (Sjalalie, Sjala... Ah Bobba, there i go again) Sieneke sings in her song: het gaat niet uit mijn kop (I Can't get it out of my head).
  • The badge is also a reference to the song. She sings about places where she heard the song and in the first couplet she sings: Of was het daar in parijs? Met een goed glas Mokka-ijs (Or was it in Paris? with a good cup of Mocca Icecream)