Kitten's Habitat Bundle (2022)

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Kitten's Habitat Bundle (2022)
Theme: Indian Palace
Total items: 30
Release price: 30 Credits and 30 Diamonds
Release Dates
Release date: 11 May 2022

The Kitten's Habitat Bundle (2022) was a room bundle that was released on Habbo in May 2022, during the Magical Laboratory campaign. It largely consists of Indian Palace furniture. It was released alongside other baby pet bundles - these being for the puppies, piglets, polar bears and terriers.

The bundle was sold in the catalogue for the price of 30 Credits and 30 Diamonds.


Players who purchased this bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 120 players have this badge.


There were a total 30 items included in this bundle, including:

  • Palace Balcony Door (x2)
  • Maharaja Long Pillow (x2)
  • Maharaja Plush Sofa (x1)
  • Palace Archway (x3)
  • Glass Elephant Table (x1)
  • Indian Bead Bells (x2)
  • Indian Flower Bells (x2)
  • Traditional Tea Set (x1)
  • Elephant Stool (x1)
  • Mosaic Globe Light (x2)
  • Decorated Palm Vase (x2)
  • Floral Indian Tile (x11)