Fantasy Village Main Square Bundle

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Fantasy Village Main Square Bundle
Theme: Fantasy Village
Total items: 130
Release price: 199 Credits
Release Dates
Release date: 01 August 2022

The Fantasy Village Main Square Bundle was a room bundle that was released in August 2022 for the Fantasy Village campaign, and consisted almost entirely of furniture items from the same campaign.

At the time of release, the bundle was available to purchase from the catalogue for 199 Credits.



Everyone who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 65 Habbos have this badge.


Bundle Items

The bundle included 130 furniture items, including the following:

  • Market Goods (x4)
  • Guild Hall (x1)
  • Witch Roof (x6)
  • Target Practice (x2)
  • easter_c22_tree name (x1)
  • easter_c22_hangingvines name (x1)
  • Citadel Wall (x4)
  • Sewer Drain (x1)
  • Medieval Divider (x8)
  • Gifted Bard (x1)
  • Uneven Floorboards (x5)
  • Cracked Earth tile (x5)
  • Medieval Tavern (x1)
  • Greedy Goblin (x1)
  • Hand Water Pump (x1)
  • Medieval Archway (x3)
  • Straw Canopy (x6)
  • easter_c22_rockfloor name (x9)
  • Bright Transitional Tree (x1)
  • Sword Rack (x1)
  • Shop Signs (x1)
  • Attic Door Tele (x1)
  • Sun Beams (x2)
  • Medieval Wall (x7)
  • Cobblestone Village Floor (x13)
  • Dusty Grass Floor (x10)
  • Medieval Balcony (x2)
  • Drying Herbs (x1)
  • Polished Wooden Floor (x8)
  • Training Dummy (x1)
  • Frothy Pint (x2)
  • Grass Patch (x6)
  • Heather Patch (x1)
  • Arrow Bucket (x1)
  • Hanging Flags (x5)
  • Market Stall (x3)
  • Medieval Barrel (x2)
  • Adventure Board (x1)
  • Rounded Table (x1)