Sultan's Palace Banquet Bundle

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Sultan's Palace Banquet Bundle
Theme: Indian Palace
Total items: 137
Release price: 199 Credits
Release Dates
Release date: 10 June 2020

The Sultan's Palace Banquet Bundle is an upcoming room bundle that was released on June 10, 2020 for the Indian Palace campaign.

The bundle was available to purchase for 199 Credits.


Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 83 Habbos have this badge.


Bundle Items

The bundle included 137 items, these being:

  • Indian Bead Bells (x2)
  • Traditional Tea Set (x1)
  • Glass Elephant Table (x2)
  • Decorated Palm Vase (x2)
  • Curry Selection (x2)
  • Floral Indian Tile (x16)
  • Indian Desserts (x2)
  • Palace Balcony Door (x2)
  • Indian Flower Bells (x2)
  • Elephant Stool (x16)
  • Sunlight City Delicacies (x2)
  • Winter City Sweets (x1)
  • Lemon Tree (x1)
  • Bazaar Vase (x2)
  • Bazaar House (x17)
  • Leg of Lamb (x2)
  • Bazaar Balcony (x1)
  • Bazaar Curtain (x4)
  • Bazaar Fruit Basket (x1)
  • Santorini Dessert (x2)
  • Ancient Mosaic Floor (x8)
  • Santorini Savoury Food (x2)
  • Apple Tree (x1)
  • Christmas Vegetables (x1)
  • Lemon Coffee Table (x5)
  • African Table (x6)
  • Vegetable Bingue (x2)
  • Cheese Platter (x1)
  • Grass Patch (x8)
  • Empty Plate (x2)
  • Fruits Tray (x1)
  • Sweets Tray (x1)
  • Mint Tea Tray (x1)
  • Door Teleports (x2)
  • Brown Tile (x6)
  • Lemon Tray Table (x2)
  • Romantique Tray (x1)
  • Indian Sunset (x3)
  • Creaky Wall (x5)