Messy Room Bundle

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Messy Room Bundle
Theme Messy Room
Number of items 65
Exclusive Items All Items
Price 99 Credits
Release Dates
Original Release Date 04 January 2021

The Messy Room Bundle was a room bundle released in January 2021 for the New Year 2021 campaign which celebrated new year. All furniture items released in this bundle were exclusive Messy Room furniture and only acquired from purchasing the bundle.

The bundle was sold for 99 Credits.



Everyone who purchased the bundle also recieved a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 289 Habbos have this badge.


Bundle Items

The bundle had 65 pieces of furniture, including:

  • Crooked Door Mat (x1)
  • Crooked Lamp (x1)
  • Crooked Wall Hangings (x3)
  • Filled Trash Bags (x3)
  • Messy Bed (x1)
  • Messy Chair (x4)
  • Messy Closet (x1)
  • Messy Clothes Pile (x3)
  • Messy Drawers (x2)
  • Messy Footwear (x3)
  • Messy Hi-Fi (x1)
  • Messy Kitchen Corner (x1)
  • Messy Kitchenette (x1)
  • Messy Letters (x2)
  • Messy Low Table (x1)
  • Messy Rug (x2)
  • Messy Side Table (x1)
  • Messy Sofa (x2)
  • Messy Table (x1)
  • Old Magazines (x2)
  • Worn Carpet (x24)
  • Worn Wall (x5)