Tokyo Street Market Bundle

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Tokyo Street Market Bundle
Theme Tokyo
Release Date 3 August 2018 (

The Tokyo Street Market Bundle was a furniture bundle released on Habbo in August 2018.

Most of the furni included was from the Tokyo range but there were a couple of items from Shalimar, Habbo Palooza 2014, Summer Bazaar Japanese and Battle Banzai.

The bundle was available for 199 Credits.



Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 523 Habbos have this badge.


The bundle contained 113 items of furniture, including:

  • Tokyo Road (x15)
  • Tokyo Pavement (x13)
  • Tokyo Building (x11)
  • Tokyo Trellis (x11)
  • bb_lightstrip name (x7)
  • Tokyo Shop Display (x6)
  • Tokyo Toy Shop (x5)
  • Tokyo Railing (x4)
  • Tokyo Shopfront (x4)
  • Tokyo Poster (x3)
  • Big Mouth Billboard (x2)
  • Future Tokyo Bike (x2)
  • Neon Tokyo Sign (x2)
  • Ruckus Chair (x2)
  • Tokyo Food Poster (x2)
  • Tokyo Lanterns (x2)
  • Tokyo Pylon (x2)
  • Tokyo Sakura Tree (x2)
  • Tokyo Snack Parlour (x2)
  • Tokyo Snack Shack (x2)
  • Tokyo Snack Sign (x2)
  • Bazaar Basket (x1)
  • Corner (x1)
  • Dino Balloon (x1)
  • Floor Pillow (x1)
  • Neon Akihabara Sign (x1)
  • Purple Arcade Machine (x1)
  • Tokyo Bug Vendor (x1)
  • Tokyo Drink Vendor (x1)
  • Tokyo Magazine Rack (x1)
  • Tokyo Snack Display (x1)
  • Tokyo Snack Rack (x1)
  • Tokyo Street Lamps (x1)