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New Rares
Release date 2010 - Present

After Collectibles failed to gain interest of users a new type of rare, referred to as New Rares, were introduced in 2010 and have continued to this day. These rares are released for about 24 hours at a time and usually tie-in to a monthly campaign, returning to the original style of one-off, unique rares in a similar manner to the Classical Rares, rather than a set like the Collectibles. New Rares come with a unique badge and - with a couple of exceptions - they are available for 25 Credits and 25 Diamonds.

Another form of New Rares are Classical rares (Not to be confused with the Classic Rares), these are old rares which were released in some hotels first, but later released into the catalogue for 25 Credits and 25 Diamonds with a badge. A good example of a Classical rare is the Pink Laser Portal which was unreleased for a long time and had an unknown origin, but was later released in January 2020 in the catalogue of Habbo France, Habbo Spain, Habbo Brazil, Habbo Turkey and Habbo Finland. However it is still unknown how it was released in Habbo United States.


Name Image Release Date Badge
Gigantic Beanstalk
Gigantic beanstalk.png
15 March 2010 Gigantic Beanstalk Badge.gif
Rare Iron Maiden
Iron maiden.gif
March 2010 RA7.png
rare_mmmth name
Mammoth sofa.gif
May 2010 RA8.gif
Voodoo Doll
Voodoo doll.gif
8 October 2010 RA10.png
Crystal Patch
Crystal patch.gif
1 November 2010 RA5.gif
December 2010 T-Rex Badge.gif


Name Image Release Date Badge
Dragon Throne Dragon Throne.png
Sea Throne Rare Sea Throne.png
Sand Dragon Lamp Sand Dragon.gif
Hell Hound Hween11 fountain.png
Santa Throne Xmas12 santathrone.png
Santa Butler Xmas11 btlr.png
Balloon Machine Xmas11 balloon.png


Name Image Release Date Badge
The Dragon that Spews Fireworks The Dragon that Spews Fireworks.png
Black Hole Hole.png
Diamond Dragon Lamp Diamond dragon.png
Diamond Throne Diamond throne.png
Diamond Podium Dia podium.png
Diamond Uplink Station Dia uplink.png
The Nutcracker Xmas12 nutcracker.png
North Pole Xmas12 npole.png
Aurora Borealis Room Background Roombg aurora.png


Habbo-Lympix was released in August 2012 and included two new rares.

Name Image Release Date Badge
Royal Tea Lady Royal Tea Lady.png
Union Jack Sofa Union Jack Sofa.png

Haunted Castle

The Haunted Castle rares were released in October 2012 and originally contained two items - a Cannon and a Magic Mirror. The next two items, which replaced the Cannon and Mirror, were added to the catalogue on the 26th October 2012.

Name Image Release Date Badge
Magic Mirror
Duck Ride
Duck Ride.png


Name Image Release Date Badge
HC Knight HC-Knight.png
Aquarium Reef aquarium.png
Small Sapphire Small Sapphire.png
Big Sapphire Big Sapphire.png
Steampunk Zeppelin SteamZepplin.png
Crackable Egg - Level 1 CrackableLevel1.png
Crackable Egg - Level 2 CrackableLevel2.png
Crackable Egg - Level 3 CrackableLevel3.png
Crackable Egg - Level 4 Easter Crackable Egg Level-4 AIDEN.png
Good Side Throne Throne2.png
Bad Side Throne Throne1.png
Sally the Sheep SallytheSheep.png
Princess and the Pea Hween13 monsterpea.png
Seance Book Hween13 book.png
Throne of Thorns F-5321 3.png
The Gnome Poster Cine pstr 10.png
Icy Candelabra IcyCandelabra13.PNG
Icy Cannon IcyCannon13.PNG
Icy Tiki Statue IcyTikiStatue13.PNG
Magical Machine MagicalMachine13.PNG
Candy Terminal CandyTerminal13.PNG
Emerald Duck Emerald Duck.png
Diamond Duck Diamond Duck.png


Steampunk was released in March 2013 and with came three rares. The Furni had to be purchased with both Credits and Duckets to add to the rarity of the items.

Name  Image
Steampunk Gramophone  SteamGrammophone.png
Steampunk Zeppelin SteamZepplin.png
Time Machine SteamTimeMachine.png

Banzai Rares

Banzai Rares were a small set of Rares released in the Catalogue during April 2013 as part of a small event centred around the Habbo game "Battle Banzai". Codes were first discovered hinting of these rares on the 17th April 2013, alas it wasn't known what the complete set would look like until a few days later when a Banzai-themed room building competition was released. Disappointingly for some, all of the Banzai Rares turned out to be recolours of normal Banzai furniture. All of the rares were released at a price of 25C and they have all subsequently decreased in value.

Name Image
Rare Bear Head Rare Bear Head.png
Rare Banzai Robo Rare Banzai Robo.png
Rare Banzai Sphere Rare Banzai SPhere.png

Palooza Rares

Palooza Rares

Palooza Rares were items of furni released during the Habbo Palooza campaign which ran throughout the summer months, the category included 3 similar items in forms of stands for festivals. They were released for 8 hours each time and they became available on the 15th, 17th and 19th July 2013. They were all sold for 25 Credits each time.

Name Image
Hot Dog Vendor Hot Dog Vendor.png
Popcorn Stand Popcorn Stand.png
Bubble Juice Stand Bubble Juice Stand.png

Pirate Rares

Pirate Rares was a Catalogue line specifically made for the for the Pirate campaign during August 2013 and it was home to the 3 rares released by Habbo to expand the new range. Likewise to most other Catalogue rares, they were released with a price mark of 25 Credits each and were available in unlimited quantities.

The items were released over a 5 day period and brought a unique-style to Habbo with the release of creatives pieces. Originally, players thought that the Kraken Habbo released would resemble Iku-Turso that was already a Collectible from The Lost World Collectibles range that were released years previous. Unlike some 25 Credit rares, the Pirate Rares have done well in terms of value mainly sustaining and exceeding their release price apart from the Kraken.

Name Image
Navigators Desk Navigators Desk.gif
Poseidon Statue Poseidon Statue.png
Kraken Pirate Kraken.png

Back to School Rares

Back to School Rares

The Back To School Rares was a Catalogue line specifically made for the for the Back To School campaign during September 2013.

Name Image
Rare Gilded Desk Rare Gilded Desk.png
Rare Gilded Chair Rare Gilded Chair.png
School Gates School gates.gif


Name Image
Robot Dinosaur Xmas13 robotdino.png
Spa Wheelchair Val14 wchair.png
Elegant Lamp Val14 lamp.png
Gold L0-V3 Machine Val14 lovelock3.png
Antique Camera Runway oldecamera.png
Luxury Dressing Room Runway changingrare.png
Fortune-Teller Machine Rare sage.png
Death Egg-Star Easter14 eggstar.png
Lagomorph Sphinx Easter14 bunnysphinx.png
Cottontail Effigy Easter14 statue.png
Ditch the Label Equality Machine DitchTheLabelEqualityMachine.png
Yggdrasil Tree Vikings yggdrasil.png
Viking Chess Piece Vikings chesspiece.png
Bronze Football Trophy Bronze habbo trophy.gif
Silver Football Trophy Silver habbo trophy.gif
Gold Football Trophy Gold Habbo Trophy 2.PNG
My Little Unicorn Balloon St palooza unicorn.png
Head in the Hole Board St palooza screen.png
Yellow Duck Balloon Hblooza14 duck balloon y.png
Blue Duck Balloon Hblooza14 duck balloon b.png
Pink Duck Balloon Pink Duck Balloon.png
Yellow Java Cafe Stand Hblooza14 cafe y.png
Blue Java Cafe Stand Hblooza14 cafe b.png
Pink Java Cafe Stand Hblooza14 cafe p.png
Yellow Hot Air Balloon Hblooza14 hotair y.png
Blue Hot Air Balloon Hblooza14 hotair b.png
Pink Hot Air Balloon Hblooza14 hotair p.png
Yellow Carousel Horse Hblooza14 horsecaroy.png
Blue Carousel Horse Hblooza14 horsecarob.png
Pink Carousel Horse Hblooza14 horsecarop.png
Buffalo Statue St wildwest buffalo.png
Old Fashioned Till Wildwest till.png
Covered Wagon Wildwest wagon.png
Ghostly Gallows Wildwest gallows.png
Lab Desk St uni labtable.png
Professors Bookshelf Uni libraryshelf.png
Habbo TV Projector Uni projector.png
Solar System St uni solarsystem.png
Colorful Candy Skull St hween14 skulls.png
Creepy Cranium Fireplace St hween14 fireplace.png
Skull Fountain Hween14 rare1.png
Graveyard Trap Hween14 rare2.png
Ping Pong Cine pstr 11.png
Octo-Claus Xmas14 octosanta.png
Shark Santa Throne Xmas14 sharkthrone.png
2015 Archway Ny2015 archway.png


Name Image
Dark Hippo Dark.png
Grey Hippo Grey.png
Ultra Light Hippo Ultralight.png
Bluesky Hippo Bluesky hippo.png
Violet Hippo Violet.png
Purple Hippo Purple hippo.png
Game Hub Hippo Game Hub Hippo.png
Red Hippo Red hippo.png
Coral Hippo Coral.png
Salmon Coloured Hippo Salmon.png
Beige Hippo Beige.png
Gold Dipped Hippo Gold Hippo.png
Pistachio Hippo Pistachio.png
Green Hippo Green.png
Emerald Hippo Emerald.png
Chlorophyll Hippo Chlorophyll.png
Grandfather Clock Attic15 clock.png
Forgotten Toy Chest Attic15 chest.png
Cosmos Telescope Attic15 telescope.png
Sakura Tree Val15 sakura.png
Koi Fish Pond Val15 koipond.png
Brazilian Hot Air Balloon Carnival15 hotair brazil.png
Wooden Ofuro Tub Val15 hottub.png
RoboRat Cpunk15 roborat.png
Electro-Sheep Cpunk15 robosheep.png
Overseer Blimp Cpunk15 blimp.png
Bubblegum Fountain Cland15 fountain.png
Lollipop Tree Cland c15 lollytree.png
Candy Throne Cland15 candythrone.png
Magical Candy Unicorn Cland15 unicorn.png
Global Satellite Screen Army15 largescreen.png
X-Ray Scanner Army15 scanner.png
Hector the German Shepherd Army15 dog.png
HabboCopter Army15 copter.png
Ammonoidea Fossil Rare15 Ammonoideafossil.png
Plesiosaurus Fossil Rare15 Plesiosaurusfossil.png
Raptor Fossil Rare15 Raptorfossil.gif
Triceratops Fossil Rare15 TriceratopsFossil.png
Archaeopteryx Fossil Rare15 ArchaeopteryxFossil.gif
Gothic Toilet Gothic c15 toilet.png
Lost Tribe Teleports Lt15 tele.png
Lawnmower Garden15 lawnmower.png
Bling Billiards Table Bling15 pooltable.png
Maneki-Neko Jp15 luckycat.png
Romantique Clock Romantique clock.png
Blue Bicycle Paris15 bicycle.png
Plate of Snails Paris15 giftsnails.png
Street Artist Display Paris15 paintings.png
Demonic Frank Hween15 evilfrank.png
Saintini Hween15 saintini.png
Evil Raider Hween15 evilraider.png
Sam-Ta Cherub Hween15 saintta.png
Bryan the Horseman Hween15 horseman5.png
Antique Crockery Cupboard Ktchn15 cabinet.png
Bobba Juice Rack Ktchn15 bubblejuicerack.png
Coffee Machine Ktchn15 coffeemaker.png
Deluxe Refrigerator Ktchn15 fridge.png
Pot O' Gold Rare stpat14.png
Solid Gold Penguin Gold c15 arc statue.png
Solid Gold Hot Tub Gold c15 arc tub.png
Solid Gold Christmas Tree Gold c15 arc tree2.png
Solid Gold Geyser Gold c15 arc geysir.png
Solid Gold Table Gold c15 arc table.png
Solid Gold Chair Gold c15 arc chair.png
Solid Gold Cube Tree Gold c15 arc tree1.png
Solid Gold Campfire Gold c15 arc camp.png
Solid Gold Seat Gold c15 arc seat.png
Solid Gold Lamp Gold c15 arc lamp.png
Reindeer Topiary Xmas c15 bushy1.png
Seal Topiary Xmas c15 bushy5.png
Rabbit Topiary Xmas c15 bushy5.png
Penguin Topiary Xmas c15 bushy6.png
Bear Topiary Xmas c15 bushy2.png
Squirrel Topiary Xmas c15 bushy4.png
Clock Tower Xmas15 clocktower.png
Ornate Winter Sleigh Xmas15 sleigh.png
Bavarian Christmas Photo Stand Xmas15 stand.png
Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer Xmas15 rudolf.png

Chinese New Year

Name Image
Sheep Balloon Sheep Balloon.png

Habbo 15

The Habbo 15 Rare Prize Balloon was released during the Habbo 15 campaign. It included one of 15 maroon re-colours of some of the original Classic, V7 and V11 Rares

Name Image
Habbo 15 Rare Prize Balloon Red Balloon.png
Maroon Amber Lamp Maroon Amber Lamp.gif
Maroon Classic Pillar Maroon Classic Pillar.gif
Maroon Dragon Lamp Maroon Dragon Lamp.gif
Maroon Elephant Maroon Elephant.gif
Maroon Fountain Maroon Fountain.gif
Maroon Ice Cream Maker Maroon Ice Cream Maker.gif
Maroon Laser Portal Maroon Laser Portal.gif
Maroon Marquee Maroon Marquee.gif
Maroon Oriental Door Maroon Oriental Door.gif
Maroon Parasol Maroon Parasol.gif
Maroon Pillow Maroon Pillow.gif
Maroon Powered Fan Maroon Powered Fan.gif
Maroon Sleeping Bag Maroon Sleeping Bag.gif
Maroon Smoke Machine Maroon Smoke Machine.gif
Maroon Spaceship Door Maroon Spaceship Door.gif


Name Image
Snazzy Star Decoration Ny16 stars.png
Purple Spaceship Door Purple spaceship door.gif
Gold Winter Pine Winter15 tree4.png
Snowboarding Ace Statue Winter15 snowboard.png
Gold Lamp Post Winter15 lmppst.png
Pro Ice Skater Statue Winter15 iceskater.png
Gold Hydrant Winter15 wpost.png
Freeze Veteran Statue Winter15 freeze.png
Gold Corner Winter15 fnc crnr.png
Ice Hockey Pro Statue Winter15 icehockey.png
Graphite Marquee Graphite marquee.gif

Chinese New Year

Name Image Badge
Monkey Balloon Cny16 monkeyballoon.png CNY16.gif

Love at Carnivale

The Love at Carnivale campaign introduced four new rares:

Name Image Motto Badge
Luminous Love Oyster
One gigantic pearl included. LOVC6.gif
Lustrous Peacock
Shows attention to de-tail. LOVC8.gif
Floral Lion
Marches with a pride. LOVC9.gif
Blossom Volcano
The lava smells gorgeous. LOVC7.gif


Name Image Motto Badge
Bonnie the Cheerleader BonnieAnim.gif Bonnie has a new hobby: professional cheerleading HLY06.gif
Brazilian Smoothy Maker Braziliansmoothy.png Made with the freshiest ingredients in South America HLY09.gif
Gym Maniac Gymmaniac.gif There IS such a thing as too much exercise HLY08.gif
Vegan Vending Machine VegetableVendor.png For avoiders of meat HLY05.gif

Azure Chest Of Light

Name Image
Azure Chest Of Light HabboxAzureChest.gif

Exotic Pets

Name Images Release Date Badge
Exotic Birds ExoticBirds.gifBirds.png 20th March 2017 ExoticBirdsCollector.gif
Fruit Bat FruitBat.gifBat.png 21st March 2017 FruitBatCollector.gif
Python Python.gifSnake.png 22nd March 2017 PythonCollector.gif
Chameleon Chameleon.gifChameleon2.png 23rd March 2017 ChameleonCollector.gif
Sloth SlothRare.gifSloth.png 24th March 2017 SlothRareCollector.gif
Chinchilla Chinchilla.gifKoala2.png 25th March 2017 ChinchillaCollector.gif
Tree Frog TreeFrog.gifTree Frog.png 26th March 2017 TreeFrogCollector.gif
Chipmunk Chipmunk.gifBeaver.png 27th March 2017 ChipmunkCollector.gif

Outer Space

Name Image Badge
Star Explorer Helmet Star Explorer Helmet.png SPC08.gif
Sentinel Helmet Sentinel Helmet.png SPC10.gif
Interstellar Cruiser Interstellar Cruiser.png SPC09.gif
Cryo-Bed Cryo-Bed.png SPC07.gif


Gilded Statues

Name Image Badge
Gilded Chimera Statue Santorini r17 chimera.png STG05.gif
Gilded Hydra Statue Santorini r17 hydra.png STG08.gif
Gilded Minotaur Statue Santorini r17 minotaur.png STG07.gif
Gilded Centaur Statue Santorini r17 centaur.png STG06.gif

Ancient Relic Chest

Name Image
Ancient Relic Chest Santorini r17 chest.png
Ancient Greek Artefact Santorini c17 artefact1.png
Greek Toga Clothing greektoga.png
Ancient Greek Artefact Santorini c17 artefact2.png
Wreath Crown Clothing leafcrown.png
Ancient Greek Artefact Santorini c17 artefact3.png
Hermes' Winged Helmet Clothing hermeshat.png
Ancient Greek Artefact Santorini c17 artefact4.png
Hermes' Winged Sandals Clothing hermesshoes.png
Ancient Greek Artefact Santorini c17 artefact5.png
Hoplite Helmet Clothing hoplitehelm.png

Summer Bazaar

Name Image Badge
Solid Gold Monkey Statue Solid Gold Monkey Statue.png BAZ05.gif
Courtyard Fountain Courtyard Fountain.png BAZ07.gif
Mask of the Cursed Mask of the Cursed.png BAZ06.gif
Desert Kingdom Throne Desert Kingdom Throne.png BAZ08.gif

September 2017

Name Image Badge
Elegant Crown Elegant Crown.png SEP05.gif

American Prairie

Name Image Badge
Davy Crockett Cap Davy Crockett Cap.png AME05.gif
Frontier Braids Frontier Braids.png AME04.gif

Victorian Christmas

Name Image Badge
Victorian Horse Carriage Victorian Horse Carriage.png X1705.gif
Victorian Music Box Victorian Music Box.png X1706.gif
Victorian Lion Statue Victorian Lion Statue.png X1707.gif


Executive Ice Cream Maker

Name Image Badge
Executive Ice Cream Maker Exeicm.png ICM12.gif

Chinese New Year

Name Image Badge
Sheep Balloon Sheep Balloon.png
Rooster Balloon Rooster Balloon.png RCY01.gif
Dog Balloon Dog Balloon.png CNY18.gif

Valentine's 2018

Name Image Badge
Four Poster Bed Four Poster bed.png V1804.gif
Heart Dress Heart Dress.png V1805.gif

Easter Garden

Name Image Badge
Bunny Hat Bunny Hat.png EGA07.gif
Mammoth Bunny Mammoth Bunny.png EGA05.gif
Bunny Mask Bunny Mask.png EGA06.gif
Bonzai Fountain Bonzai Fountain.png EGA08.gif

Movie Madness

The Movie Madness campaign included four new rares:

Name Image Badge
Film Star's Trailer Film Star's Trailer.png MSC05.gif
Mobile Film Camera Mobile Film Camera.png MSC06.gif
Director's Buggy Director's Buggy.png MSC07.gif
Catcopter Catcopter.png MSC08.gif

Habbo in the House

Habbo in the House ran throughout May 2018 and included one new rare:

Name Image Badge
Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner Deluxe Vacuum Cleaner.png HIC10.gif
Ball-Jointed Doll Ball Jointed Doll.png HIC11.gif

Coral Kingdom

Name Image Badge
Seahorse Mask Seahorse Mask.png CRK07.gif
Sea Turtle Sea Turtle.png CRK08.gif
Diver Helmet Diver Helmet.png CRK09.gif
Coral Kingdom Vanity Mirror Coral Kingdom Vanity Mirror.png CRK10.gif

Summer 2018

Name Image Badge
Wavy Locks Wavy Locks.png JMC08.gif
Frohawk Frohawk.png JMC09.gif

Habbo 18 Throne

Name Image Badge
Habbo 18 Throne Habbo 18 Throne.png JMC10.gif


Name Image Badge
Kitty Backpack Kitty Backpack.png TKY04.gif
Ancient Maple Tree Ancient Maple Tree.png TKY03.gif
Kitsune Mask Kitsune Mask.png TKY05.gif
Koi Carp Kites Koi Carp Kites.png TKY02.gif

September 2018

Name Image Badge
Long Wavy Locks Long Wavy Locks.png SMC05.gif
Zen Garden Fountain Zengarden r18 fountain 64 0 0.gif SMC06.gif

Infected Laboratory

Name Image Badge
Axe to the Head Axe to the Head.png LAB05.gif
Cyber the Cyborg Dog Cyber the Cyborg Dog.png LAB06.gif
Vampire Grimace Vampire Grimace.png LAB07.gif
Antique Chemistry Set Antique Chemistry Set.png LAB08.gif

Hygge in Habbo

Name Image Badge
Nordic Fringe Nordic Fringe.png HYG01.gif
Dozing Fox Dozing Fox.png HYG02.gif
Logger's Dungarees Logger's Dungarees.png HYG03.gif
Nordic Antlers Nordic Antlers.png HYG04.gif

Winter City Festival

Name Image Badge
Snowy Owl Snowy Owl.png X1840.gif
Imperial Dancer's Dress Clothing r18 featherdress.png X1841.gif
Feathered Crown Clothing r18 feathercrown.png X1842.gif
Illuminated Winter Fountain Illuminated Winter Fountain.png X1843.gif


New Year 2019

Name Image Badge
Long Wavy Locks Long Wavy Locks (2019).png STY17.gif

Romantic Restaurant

Name Image Badge
Romantic Messy Bun Romantic Messy Bun.png V1905.gif
Romantic Bathtub Romantic Bathtub.png V1906.gif
Romantic Curly Hair Romantic Curly Hair.png V1907.gif
Romantic Sofa Romantic Sofa.png V1908.gif
Romantic Waistcoat Romantic Waistcoat.png V1909.gif
Romantic Record Player Romantic Record Player.png V1910.gif
Frilled Skirt Frilled Skirt.png V1911.gif
Puppy Present Puppy Present.png V1912.gif

Basement Band

Name Image Badge
Two-Tone Curls Two-Tone Curls.png HBB01.gif
The Bonnie Blonde Mobile The Bonnie Blonde Mobile.png HBB02.gif
Horned Cap Horned Cap.png HBB03.gif
Rose Pink Smoke Machine Rose Pink Smoke Machine.png HBB04.gif
Rocker Boots Rocker Boots.png HBB05.gif
Rose Pink Parasol Rose Pink Parasol.png HBB06.gif
Messy Bangs Messy Bangs.png HBB07.gif

Fairytale Easter

Name Image Badge
Enchanted Fox Outfit Enchanted Fox Outfit.png EFT05.gif
Rainbow Forest Chicken Rainbow Forest Chicken.png EFT06.gif
Fairytale Forest Wreath Fairytale Forest Wreath.png EFT07.gif
Fairytale Forest Swing Fairytale Forest Swing.png EFT08.gif

Ancient Greek

Name Image Badge
Medusa Hair Medusa Hair.png GRK10.gif
Luxury Tiled Bath Luxury Tiled Bath.png GRK11.gif
Minotaur Horns Minotaur Horns.png GRK12.gif
Senator's Bed Senator's Bed.png GRK13.gif
Comic Mask Clothing r19 comedymask.png GRK15.gif
Tragedy Mask Clothing r19 tragedymask.png GRK14.gif
Ancient Greek Chariot Greek r19 chariot.png GRK16.gif

Bohemian Festival

Name Image Badge
Rainbow Curls Rainbow Curls.png MFT08.gif
Lady Gaia Lady Gaia.png MFT09.gif
Rainbow Shades Rainbow Shades.png MFT10.gif
Gem-Studded Owl Gem-Studded Owl.png MFT11.gif


Name Image Badge
Celestial Dress Celestial Dress.png PIH11.gif

Sunlight City

Name Image Badge
Butterfly Dress Clothi46.png SLC05.gif
Aqua Crystal Fountain Suncit12.png SLC06.gif
Feathered Cowl Clothi34.png SLC07.gif
Sunlight City Biosphere K3RsnN2.gif SLC08.gif

Rainy Day

Name Image Badge
Impermeable Raincoat Clothing r19 raincoat.png BSH07.gif
Little Bear Clothing r58 raincoat.png BSH08.gif
Teddy Dressing Gown Clothing r25 raincoat.png BSH09.gif
Buffy Clothing r57 raincoat.png BSH10.gif

Witches' Coven

Name Image Badge
Witch Hair Witch Hair.png WCV06.gif
Warlock Locks Clothing r19 warlocks.png WCV09.gif
Weeping Willow Weeping Willow.png WCV07.gif
Demon Lord Wings Clothing r19 demonwings.png WCV08.gif

Winter Horizon

Name Image Badge
Autumnal Dress Clothing r19 autumndress.png CBN05.gif
Puppy Accessories Clothing r19 puppyacc.png CBN07.gif
Maple Bonsai Tree Autumn r19 maplebonsai.png CBN08.gif
Autumnal Headpiece Clothing r19 autumnhairpiece.png CBN06.gif

Winter Palace

Name Image Badge
Polar Braid Clothing r19 elisa.png X1905.gif
Iridescent Ice Harp Xmas r19 crystalharp.png X1906.gif
Forward Facing Spikes Clothing r19 frosted.png X1907.gif
Hallowed Ice Fountain Xmas r19 crystalfountain.png X1908.gif


New Year 2020

Name Image Badge
Starry Night Backpack Clothing r20 galaxybackpack.png SWH10.gif
Kitty Headphones Clothing r20 kittyearphones.png SWH11.gif

Valentines 2020

Name Image Badge
Bicolour Pigtails Clothing r20 quinn.png V2006.gif
Macho Tattoo Clothing r20 tattoo.png V2005.gif
Floating Chair Rare r20 balloonchair.png V2007.gif
Ornate Wardrobe Rare r20 wardrobe.png V2008.gif

March 2020

Name Image Badge
Regal Theatre Curtains Royal r20 grandebackdrop.png AST05.gif

Alpine Heights

Name Image Badge
Hop Costume Clothing r20 bunnyoutfit 64 a 0 0.png ALP01.gif
Nature Cap Clothing r20 ponytailcap 64 a 0 0.png ALP02.png
Mystic Tree Easter r20 mystictree.png ALP03.png
Mountain Goat Easter r20 mountaingoat.png ALP04.png

Spa Days

Name Image Badge
Royal Corgi F2v641.png SPD05.png
Marimo Aquarium Marimo Aquarium.png SPD06.png
Tiny Treehouse Treehouse.png SPD07.png

Indian Palace

Name Image Badge
Intricate Jewel Braid Clothing r20 jewelbraidhair.png IPL01.png
Fez Monkey Hat Image2020-2-26 16-0-9.png IPL02.png
Bengal Tiger India r20 bengaltiger.png IPL03.png
Exotic Pillow Den India r20 exotictent.png IPL04.png

Habbo 20

Name Image Badge
Street Royalty Clothing darkelegantset 64 a 0 0.png Clothing darkelegantset 64 a 4 0.png HTW12.png
Sleep Time Clothing r20 slumberoutfit.png HTW16.png
Gothic Fancy Dress Clothing gothicset.png HTW14.png
Neon Punk Outfit Image2020-5-22 17-20-49.png Image2020-5-22 17-21-5.png HTW15.png
Solar Utopia Outfit Clothing r20 harmonyset 64 a 0 0.png HTW20.png
Frank's Tux Clothing r20 glitzytux.png HTW13.png
20th Birthday Throne Intra throne.png HTW17.gif
Birthday Ballroom Candles Rare r20 candle 64 a 2 0.png HTW18.png
Vintage Sofa Rare royalsofa.png HTW35.png

Neo-Habbo Revisited

Name Image Badge
Cybernetic Faceplate Cybernetic Faceplate.png CBP12.png
Cyberpunk Robo-Wings Clothing r20 cyborgwings.png CBP11.png
VR Machine VR Machine.png CBP13.png
Vintage Armchair Rare royalchair.gif CBP29.png

Impossible House

Name Image Badge
Pumpkin Outfit Image2020-7-16 11-11-22.png HSE10.png
Possessed Hair Clothing r20 possessedhair.png HSE09.png
Housekeeper's Hourglass Hween r20 hourglass.png HSE12.png
Melting Work of Art Hween r20 meltingpainting 64 c 0 0.png HSE11.png

November 2020

Name Image Badge
Winter Bear Accessories Clothing r20 bearset.png BAB05.png
Bear Backpack Clothing r20 teddybpack 64 a 0 0.png BAB06.png
Cosy Hammock Plushie r20 hammock.png BAB07.png
Ancient Oak Table Plushie r20 picnictree 64 a 0 0.png BAB08.png

Enchanted Winter Forest

Name Image Badge
Dragonfly Wings Clothing r20 dragonflywings.png X2009.png
Inuit Outfit Clothing r20 inuit.png XX2010.png
Elven Ice Fountain Xmas r20 icefountain.png X2012.png
Enchanted Sword Xmas r20 magicsword 64 d 0 0 copy.png X2011.png


New Year 2021

Name Image Badge
Royal Bear Plushie r21 kingbear.png J2110.png
Wisteria Arch Garden r21 wisteriaarch.png J2112.png
Vintage Coffee Siphon Rare r21 coffeesiphon.png J2111.png
Sunrise Cloud Hat Clothing r21 sunnycloudhat.png J2109.png

Valentines 2021

Name Image Badge
Romantic Corset Clothing r21 valcorset.png V2108.png
Spring Fever Waves Clothing r21 flowerhair1.png V2109.png
Ornate Wire Grandfather Clock Val r21 clock.png
Chilly Bunny Val r21 bunny1.png

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