Korean Restaurant Bundle

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Korean Restaurant Bundle
Theme: K-Town
Total items: 137
Release price: 199 Credits
Release Dates
Release date: 01 June 2022

The Korean Restaurant Bundle was a room bundle that was released on Habbo in June 2022 as part of the K-Town campaign.

The bundle largely consisted of items that were released within the campaign, however also included items from the Spirits of Japan and Habbo Bioworld campaigns.

At the time of release, the bundle was available to purchase from the catalogue for the price of 199 Credits.



Every user who purchased the bundle also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 109 Habbos have this badge.


The bundle came with 137 items of furni, including:

  • Chilli Rope (x1)
  • Yellow Picnic Pillow (x1)
  • Japanese Sky Lantern (x1)
  • Miami Planter (x1)
  • Spider Lily (x1)
  • Basketball Trophy (x1)
  • Glass Wall (x1)
  • easter_c22_fanpalm name (x1)
  • skorea_c22_electricpole name (x1)
  • skorea_c22_outdoortable name (x2)
  • Tokyo Trellis (x1)
  • skorea_c22_food2 name (x2)
  • skorea_c22_chair name (x9)
  • Shoji Wall (x1)
  • Tokyo Snack Display (x1)
  • skorea_c22_shop4 name (x1)
  • easter_c22_rockfloor name (x11)
  • skorea_c22_drinksmachine name (x1)
  • Assorted Mocktails (x1)
  • easter_c22_tree name (x1)
  • Sliding Shoji Door (x1)
  • Ceremonial Katanas (x1)
  • skorea_c22_shop3 name (x1)
  • easter_c22_redtippedplant name (x1)
  • Cluttered Shelf (x3)
  • Large Brown Wooden Stage (x1)
  • skorea_c22_asianstyledivider name (x3)
  • skorea_c22_shop5 name (x1)
  • skorea_c22_signbig1 name (x1)
  • Traditional Thai Stove (x1)
  • Traditional Japanese Chair (x5)
  • Stone Cauldron (x1)
  • skorea_c22_shop6 name (x1)
  • Shoji Gate (x1)
  • Frosted Weeds (x1)
  • Tokyo Poster (x1)
  • skorea_c22_shop2 name (x1)
  • skorea_c22_signsmall name (x1)
  • skorea_c22_brickfloor name (x10)
  • Tatami Mat (x6)
  • Regular Nest Brown (x1)
  • skorea_c22_drinks name (x3)
  • Witch Wall (x1)
  • Stately Roof (x1)
  • Illuminated Winter Tree (x1)
  • Bowl of Matcha (x1)
  • Raised Porch Floorboards (x1)
  • easter_c22_hangingvines name (x1)
  • Regular Nest (x1)
  • Castle Floor (x12)
  • Afternoon Tea (x1)
  • skorea_c22_food3 name (x2)
  • Pungent Market Fruits (x1)
  • Polished Stone Floor (x11)
  • Shoji Divider (x1)
  • Stilt House Wall (x8)
  • Tetsubin Teapot (x1)
  • Snow Covered Bush (x1)
  • Promenade Litter (x1)
  • Stone Wall (x1)
  • Shoji Door (x1)