Flip Flops and Socks

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Flip Flops and Socks
Release date: 29 May 2023
Campaign: Cat Cafe
Limited Edition Rare
Quantity available: 2400
Quantity sold: 2400
Release price: 250 Credits and 50 Diamonds
Owners tracked: 227/2400 (9%)
Rare Values
Category: Limited Edition Rares
Previous Release:
Steampunk Habberge Egg
Next Release:
Fire Overlord Outfit

The Flip Flops and Socks is a Limited Edition Rare that came out during the Cat Cafe campaign. It is the third LTD Clothing to be released, with the first being the Angel Wings and the second one being the Solarpunk Bunny Outfit. Upon release, 2400 units were released into the catalogue and all sold within 10 seconds.

It is now the LTD with the most quantity released ever, with an astonishing 2400 units sold on .com hotel. The previous one was the Black Scifi Pod which had 2000 units sold.



Everyone who purchased the Flip Flops and Socks also received a badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 356 users have this badge.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 Jibrael 31-May-2023 Active
2 Shortbread 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
3 Priscillia 31-May-2023 For Sale
4 Pixlarina 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
7 Ken 31-May-2023 Active
9 Shortbread 31-May-2023 Active
10 elinoir 31-May-2023 For Sale
14 dijance 01-Jun-2023 Active
21 xX.Mobster.Xx 31-May-2023 For Sale
33 ,Shan 31-May-2023 For Sale
35 Morrer 31-May-2023 NFS
41 RDSJ 01-Jun-2023 Active
45 Dorsk 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
58 :-u 02-Jun-2023 Active
84 Asymmetric 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
85 xX.Mobster.Xx 01-Jun-2023 Active
69 Arlekin 30-May-2023 Active
82 rawbin 31-May-2023 Active
104 Millies 30-May-2023 NFS
112 .Mascarenhas.. 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
114 RDSJ 01-Jun-2023 Active
119 Khanvict 01-Jun-2023 Active
120 Adeus 30-May-2023 NFS
124 Dorsk 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
126 -=Hurricane=- 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
129 -=Hurricane=- 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
132 Morrer 01-Jun-2023 Active
135 auden. 31-May-2023 Active
141 Shortbread 01-Jun-2023 Active
173 Dorsk 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
178 Hashh 30-May-2023 Active
188 barrel 31-May-2023 Active
194 -=Hurricane=- 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
202 =O 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
264 Dorsk 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
269 barrel 31-May-2023 Active
272 F0rg0tt3n.: 30-May-2023 Active
278 :-u 02-Jun-2023 Active
285 Window 31-May-2023 Active
290 Millies 30-May-2023 NFS
293 metaangel 31-May-2023 For Sale
349 Morrer 01-Jun-2023 Binded
411 Hashh 30-May-2023 Active
427 Shortbread 01-Jun-2023 Active
469 barrel 31-May-2023 Active
471 Bankroll= 31-May-2023 NFS
480 rawbin 31-May-2023 Active
493 Chrysant 30-May-2023 Binded
503 xX.Mobster.Xx 01-Jun-2023 Active
518 Kazimira 30-May-2023 Active
556 dijance 01-Jun-2023 Active
586 xX.Mobster.Xx 01-Jun-2023 Active
590 Adeus 01-Jun-2023 Binded
637 NY: 31-May-2023 For Sale
667 Qabik 31-May-2023 Active
686 barrel 31-May-2023 Active
693 Orchestra 01-Jun-2023 Active
711 ,Poison 30-May-2023 NFS
722 Qabik 30-May-2023 Binded
724 :-u 02-Jun-2023 Active
733 Shortbread 01-Jun-2023 Active
791 Window 31-May-2023 Active
858 Mizule 30-May-2023 NFS
865 xX.Mobster.Xx 01-Jun-2023 Active
867 metaangel 30-May-2023 For Sale
881 Nestea 30-May-2023 NFS
900 Rx6 30-May-2023 For Sale
908 Orchestra 01-Jun-2023 Active
921 arjany 31-May-2023 Active
970 Qabik 31-May-2023 Active
1034 F0rg0tt3n.: 30-May-2023 Active
1045 :-u 02-Jun-2023 Active
1054 auden. 31-May-2023 Active
1083 Kazimira 30-May-2023 Active
1000 Rx6 31-May-2023 For Sale
1100 Rx6 31-May-2023 For Sale
1115 Rx6 30-May-2023 Binded
1134 coldnights 31-May-2023 Active
1154 Dorsk 30-May-2023 Binded
1156 bobba 30-May-2023 Active
1159 Qabik 31-May-2023 Active
1234 CoinCollector 31-May-2023 For Sale
1246 auden. 31-May-2023 Active
1298 Shortbread 01-Jun-2023 Active
1307 Window 31-May-2023 Active
1311 Bankroll= 31-May-2023 For Sale
1325 barrel 31-May-2023 Active
1333 Rx6 31-May-2023 For Sale
1357 rawbin 31-May-2023 Active
1362 dijance 01-Jun-2023 Binded
1402 rawbin 31-May-2023 Active
1505 coldnights 31-May-2023 Binded
1546 NY: 31-May-2023 For Sale
1563 :-u 02-Jun-2023 Active
1572 barrel 31-May-2023 Active
1588 Music 30-May-2023 Binded
1608 Kittyita 30-May2023 Binded
1644 Msprettyleeah 30-May-2023 Binded
1646 NY: 31-May-2023 For Sale
1709 Millies 30-May-2023 NFS
1711 LC22 01-Jun-2023 Binded
1735 NY: 31-May-2023 For Sale
1749 auden. 31-May-2023 Active
1757 Qabik 31-May-2023 Active
1759 Millies 30-May-2023 NFS
1764 arjany 31-May-2023 Active
1776 FireShowing 30-May-2023 Binded
1794 bobba 30-May-2023 Active
1811 barrel 31-May-2023 Active
1879 :-u 02-Jun-2023 Active
1930 Overshare 30-May-2023 Binded
1945 SpeII 30-May-2023 Binded
1955 barrel 30-May-2023 Active
1970 barrel 31-May-2023 Active
1985 barrel 31-May-2023 Active
1988 Shortbread 31-May-2023 For Sale
1989 =O 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
1990 Dorsk 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
1992 Bankroll= 31-May-2023 For Sale
1999 Loyal 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
2000 Rx6 31-May-2023 For Sale
2002 Loyal 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
2018 barrel 31-May-2023 Active
2020 !Prominence 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
2025 :-u 02-Jun-2023 Active
2032 :-u 02-Jun-2023 Active
2042 Window 31-May-2023 Active
2044 Bankroll= 31-May-2023 NFS
2046 Verbal 30-May-2023 Binded
2065 Ris 30-May-2023 Binded
2072 Arlekin 30-May-2023 Active
2086 arjany 31-May-2023 Active
2145 :-u 02-Jun-2023 Active
2164 bobba 30-May-2023 Active
2165 :-u 02-Jun-2023 For Sale
2220 Rx6 31-May-2023 For Sale
2236 barrel 31-May-2023 Active
2272 Mizule 30-May-2023 NFS
2278 Hoyi! 01-Jun-2023 For Sale
2286 Bankroll= 31-May-2023 NFS
2370 Paparazzi 31-May-2023 Active
2345 Ris 31-May-2023 Active
2348 Window 31-May-2023 Active
2399 Fruju 31-May-2023 For Sale
tbc Heal 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc Batman 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc Enkindle 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc Yourselves 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc heylittlefella 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc Ellie, 30-May2023 Binded
tbc kti 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc Millies 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc Fat 30-May2023 Binded
tbc NicolasCrack 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc isa, 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc gyall 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc Cookouts 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc Arlekin 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc JX95 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc K1E 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc J3N 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Grave 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc Natty!, 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc greenvl 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc mami. 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc Actornaut 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc Jad 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc ,Julienne 30-May-2023 Binded
tbc Adam! 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Orchestra 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Femq 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Kenopsia 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Chermisu 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc -Fleury 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Aliens 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Meowy 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc smalltinylady 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Mrs.Teapot 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc CutegirlLoveBug 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc ucu 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Lakers 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Placeboes 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc :dek 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc peachymochii 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc vampiros 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc She 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc NY: 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc metaangel 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Svnrise 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Laurennn 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc sylvaine 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc SEL1MUT 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Dolla 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Antietam 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc -i! 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc .Mascarenhas.. 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Jeca-Tatu 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Odey 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc dingleberries 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Craving 31-May-2023 Binded
tbc Chandrae 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc Loyal 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc KrAzYdAiSy 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc BlazinMoney 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc Grealish 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc ocktober 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc Hoop 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc luver 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc BCF 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc 14th 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc krystal 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc Lobz 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc Past 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc _Dead_ 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc Simchi 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc kjellkaramel 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc Newlau 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc KWP 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc NozyBrazil 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc Ishak 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc Sico 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc DRILLZ 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc luvbug 01-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc 97 02-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc rahi 02-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc 444: 02-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc ak.x 02-Jun-2023 Binded
tbc Mandalove 02-Jun-2023 Binded
Total 227/2400 (47%)