Habbo Hotel: Origins

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Habbo Hotel: Origins
Opened: 18 June 2024
Country: English, Portuguese, Spanish
Website: origins.habbo.com
Hotel Management
Hotel managers: TBA

Habbo Hotel: Origins is a version of the game based on the 2005 client. It launched on 18 June 2024. Unlike Habbo, Origins requires users to be at least 18 years old to play.


Habbo Hotel: Origins was announced on 17 June 2024 during the Habbo History Month campaign. The hotel was developed by Sulake developer Macklebee with help from Johno and other Sulake staff.


Catalogue Rares

Rares are released in the catalogue every Tuesday. Like in Habbo, after rares leave the catalogue, they will never be sold again[1].

Name Image Price Release Date
Habbo Cola Machine

A sparkling and refreshing pixel drink!

50 Credits 18 June 2024
Petal Patch

A little bit of outdoors indoors..

35 Credits 25 June 2024
Bonnie Blonde's Pillow

Bonnie's pillow of choice

50 Credits 2 July 2024
Dragon Egg

The stuff of legend

50 Credits 9 July 2024

Funky Friday

On Fridays, Habbo will release a selection of furniture for 24 hours. They are not considered rare but won't return unless it passes a community poll.

Name Price Release Date


6-10 Credits 21 June 2024

Bear Rugs

10 Credits 28 June 2024


5 Credits 5 July 2024

Green Teleport

10 Credits 12 July 2024


Name Image Release Date Additional Info
Small Ticket Bundle

A bundle of 5 gaming tickets

18 June 2024 Accidental release with the HC Premier Club bundle
Bronze Habbo Trophy

Bronze Habbo Trophy

20 June 2024 Given out to various Habbos who reported critical bugs