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Opened: Never
Closed: Never
Country: Austria
Hotel Management
Hotel managers: None

Habbo.at (also named as www.habbohotel.at) was a domain that had been planned to be used to link to an Austrian version of Habbo Hotel. The hotel was never opened to the public and there is very little information known about the hotel, but it is certain that plans by Sulake to branch out to Austrian users had been in place since at least May 2004 (as this is when job applications concerning Austria appeared on Sulake's website). The domain was registered around the same time as Habbo.pl, and always redirected internet users to the Swiss version of Habbo - Habbo.ch - until sometime during/after 2010 when Habbo.ch was merged with Habbo.de.

Only 3 job roles were ever directly connected with Habbo.at. They were made available from May 2004 before being removed off Sulake's website in December 2004 and they were as follows:

  • Community Producer/Hotel Manager
  • Site Producer
  • Business Manager

It is not known whether any staff were hired for the role (even if temporarily) and the only rumoured reasoning as to why the hotel never opened is due to financial difficulties at the time.

Due to the Hotel being unopened, the only other images associated with Habbo.at alongside the unused Hotel View are the job applications found on Sulake's website, which can be viewed in the Gallery.